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Feb 13, 2014 09:19 AM

Milk alternatives for coffee and cooking

I originally posted this in the wrong board, please disregard the duplicate post.

I am lactose intolerant. I've tried Lactaid pills, which made me violently ill instead of helping (they have unlisted side effects), Lactaid milk which smells like baby formula and has a less than desired taste, soy milk which I don't like, rice milk which is weird tasting to me, and almond milk which is too sweet. Lately, I've just resolved to drinking milk despite the stomach cramps. What are some other milk alternatives I can try? I've been thinking of trying coconut milk.

I need something that will froth in my espresso maker, and possibly could be used in cooking not only desserts but meals too. Say I want macaroni and cheese one night without real milk- what would I use? Only certain cheeses upset my stomach, and I can eat yogurt with no ill effects. Thank you!

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  1. natrel makes really good lactose free milk (better tasting then generic) they also have come out with a (make your own) whip cream and half and half. Costco also sells a cheese called bergeron that is lactose free. for ice-cream the coconut milk ones are the best.

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      Wow, a lactose free cheese? I looked up bergeron cheese and it looks like one of those delicious expensive cheeses. I wonder if it would be good in macaroni and cheese or grated over spaghetti? Oh, the possibilities!

      1. re: valia

        its on sale right now! its reg 15.89 for two big wheel chunks. (in canada will be cheaper in states) its really good plain or melted. I find it gets a big stronger when melted. You can't tell its lactose free cheese. They only have a tiny label on it to. You think it would be in huge letters as a selling point. There is a quebec cheese company that makes an amazing parmesan cheese but its hard to find.

        1. re: daislander

          if it's made with dairy, there is no lactose-free cheese. fermenting does eat a good bit of it, but to me this just means the label is rounded down.

          op, if milk makes you sick, why do you drink it? jeebus. try coconut milk or almond milk, also do a search for bullet-proof coffee. you can make "milk" at home from most nuts, including cashews.

          i do know some people who tolerate raw milk just fine, but cannot drink pasteurized. apparently the heat does something to the fat structure.

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            can you read french? i can't but this is it and says sans lactose

            1. re: daislander

              yes, i can read french. :) it sounds and looks like something similar to gouda or edam.

              in cheesemaking, fermentation eats up much of the lactose. the older and harder the cheese the less lactose remains, but manufacturers can legally round down on labels. it's simply not possible to have true zero-lactose cheese made from milk, and particularly so in what looks to be a softish-cheese.

            2. re: hotoynoodle

              Making my own milk at home with nuts sounds interesting. I may have to try that.

              1. re: valia

                This is a great step by step guide, assuming you don't own a nut milk bag i used a very fine sieve or cheesecloth and it worked great.
                **note you need to drink it all (approx 3.5 cups) within 3-5 days of making it**

        2. Stop drinking dairy!
          Try another almond milk- but buy the "unsweetened original", NOT vanilla.
          Try unsweetened coconut milk, it has a thicker texture.

          There are also many other options now available at whole foods and similar markets such as hazelnut milk (delicious), almond/coconut milk (my favorite!), hemp milk, oat milk etc.....

          Most any non dairy milk can be used instead of dairy milk in recipes. Be sure it is unsweetened for savory recipes.

          There is NO reason to suffer drinking dairy, there are dozens of non dairy options now, but you will have to try more to find what you like best.
          These photos are two i think you would like that are not sweet.

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          1. re: Ttrockwood

            The coconut milk sounds good. And hazelnut milk? I'll have to search for that.

          2. I tend to buy coconut or vanilla soy or almond milk to drink (or have with cereal/oatmeal), but regular soy or rice milk for cooking. They have a more neutral flavor than coconut, but a thicker consistency (than say almond).

            1. As for almond milk being too sweet are you referring to the unsweetened variety? There's nothing in the unsweetened that would make it taste sweet.

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              1. re: ferret

                I've had the almond milk in the cartons from the non-refrigerated section- I forget if it was vanilla almond milk or plain.

                1. re: valia

                  If it was vanilla then it was flavored and sweetened. You really need to try the unsweetened.

                2. re: ferret

                  I find that all of the non-dairy milks (almond, coconut, soy etc) taste much better in their UNsweetened form.

                3. I really do like and use coconut milk. I'm also lactose intolerant.

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                  1. re: OCEllen

                    So many people have said coconut milk seems to be the best- I'll have to try it.

                    1. re: valia

                      The original or UNsweetened vanilla would be a good place to start. Since the nut milks are shelf stable buy a few to try- next time you're at costco check what nondairy milks they have, i've seen almond milk and coconut milk there for a great prices.
                      Sodelicious even has coupons!

                      1. re: Ttrockwood

                        Thanks! I am getting a coupon for Sodelicious mailed to me.