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Feb 13, 2014 09:06 AM

kosher butcher near UNC?

Are there any good kosher butchers around the Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham area (preferably not more than an hour’s drive away)?

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  1. In Raleigh Trader Joe's will have a limited amount of fresh Kosher beef and chicken. Costco and the Kroger on Strictland and Falls of Neuse will have some frozen meat.

    1. What chazzer said. The closest kosher butcher, in the traditional sense, will be in either Charlotte or Norfolk, both quite a bit more than an hour away.

      1. If you go to the Kosher board here on CH, there's a thread titled 'Raleigh/Durham' that has some good tips. I can't figure out how to post a link from my iPad.

        Also, Sabra is a Kosher store in Durham. I'm not sure if they're still open or not

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          Sabra has been closed since 2009. you should contact Rabbi Bluming he may be able to give you advice. A number of the synagogues here have arrangements with out of town stores or butchers to deliver.

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            I think this is the thread from the Kosher board you are referring to:


          2. No, there is not a kosher butcher within an hour's drive. When I was a kid, all the Durham families that kept kosher would place a meat order together, and a large shipment of frozen meat from Charlotte or DC would be delivered to Beth El Synagogue in Durham. Not sure if that continues as an organized thing.

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