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Feb 13, 2014 08:43 AM

Kid Friendly non-chains near Westin Kierland?

Hi all, been to PHX 4-5 times and have stayed mainly near the Royal Palms/Camelback area. This time we're at the Westin Kierland and will have our 6 year old with us. We are familiar with the restaurants already in the Kierland Commons, but where else would you take a pretty well behaved kid and his parents for a meal in that area of N Scottsdale? Any food genre is welcome, though a cocktail for mom and dad is always welcome. And as usual, we'll be eating fairly early and efficiently so no worry about us dragging the kiddo through some epic 8 pm meal... Thanks!

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    1. Check out Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. They take requests. The organ is amazing and is from Graumann's Chinese in Hollywood but customized further. Cash or check only. Beer wine ice cream an d pizza.....all ordered at separate counters. Sounds crazy....just pretend you're in Germany. The organist rises up in a dramatic entrance. They don't make me like this anymore. The pizza was adequate but the experience is rare.