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Feb 13, 2014 07:49 AM

Rome, 7 days in early March

We will be visiting Rome for the eighth time the beginning of March and are staying for a week and am looking for ideas for new places to eat and drink.
We'll be staying on via Urbana in Monti but don't mind taking a cab or the Metro to a good restaurant. Looking to keep it simple, traditional Roman cuisine, we love it and after all Rome is the only place in the world to get it!
First night will be at Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, I know they get mixed reviews but we've been there many times and love the family that runs it. Lunch the next day will be at Armando al Pantheon, after that we have no plans at all.
Some of our other favorite places are -
Il Bocconcino
Trattoria della Stampa
Hosteria Farnese
Caffe Bohemien Libreia
And Fafiuche.

These are the places we are interested and listed in no particular order -
Tre Scalini
Da Enzo
Da Nazarino (we had a couple of lunches there a few years ago, but not sure how it is now)
Trattoria De Pallaro
Cavor 313
Ristorante Santa Cristina al Quirinale
Enoteca Provincia Romana
Trattoria da Danilo
La Carbonara
La Cassetta
Pizzeria Leoncino
La Frachetta di Mastro Giorgio

Sunday lunch is the big question, am thinking da Danilo or la Frachetta, but any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Just seeing this. Don't know why there were no answers earlier!
    Some of the places on your list have been discussed on this board, you can search for them.
    My two cents:
    Tre scalini is nice for a glass of wine and has a very lively scene. Since you'll be staying in monti also check out al vino al vino and la barrique (more upscale).
    Da enzo - i think it is terrible.
    Der pallaro could be the definition of a tourist trap in the dictionary.
    Cavour 313 is nice for wine and cold cuts, not very comfortable.
    Santa Cristina al Q uses many frozen items.
    Enoteca provincia romana is very good, not just for wine but food is getting better, too.
    I used to love gaudeo when they first opened, but i think they are losing quality now. Still worth checking out.
    Da danilo is a classic. Service sometimes iffy.
    La carbonara, which one? The one in monti (panisperna) is not too bad.
    Pizzeria leoncino terrible.
    La fraschetta MG is nice but don't know if a good choice for sunday lunch, it is more a small plates, meats and cheeses type of place.

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    1. re: vinoroma

      I agree with vinoroma about Tre Scalini and Der Pallaro. If you mean the carbonara in Campo di Fiori, I ate there two weeks ago, and to use MFant's phrase, I was underwhelmed.

      I'll post my own suggestions for you for Roman cuisine shortly.

    2. Of the places you mention, I know and like:
      Tre Scalini (and as VinoRoma points out, there are a couple of other places to try in Monti for wine)
      Cavour 313 - It's ok, but has a bit of a fussy menu these days.
      Gaudeo: I like this for lunch. Another place that you should check out is Zia Rosetta on Via Urbana. They've also got very good panini, as does the recently reopened Tricolore.
      Pizzeria Leoncino: I"m a fan. Very old fashioned pizzeria near the Spanish Steps. But closer to Monti, and of similar quality is Le Carrette, across from Taverna.

      Sunday Lunch: I love Perilli, but make sure you reserve as it fills up with big tables of families.

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      1. re: minchilli

        i just realized i was thinking of another place when I said pizzeria leoncino terrible. It is NOT! Though not a fave either, but surely perfectly ok.

        1. re: vinoroma

          Thanks to both of you for the comments and suggestions!
          So, Da Enzo, Der Pallaro and Santa Christina al G. are off our lists.
          La Carbonara in Monti is the one we are interested in, have walked by it a few times and it always looked interesting.
          I'm glad to hear that Pizzeria Leoncino is not the terrible spot you were thinking of. After reading Elizabeth M's post about their sausage, onion and bean pizza we've been dying to try it out!
          Also thanks for the recommendation for Sunday lunch at Perilli's, if we have no luck with them for a reservation any other suggestion?
          Thanks again!

          1. re: vinoroma

            So were you thinking of the pizza al taglio on via Leoncino, parallel to via Cavour? It used to be fabulous but changed hands and is no longer the same.

            1. re: mbfant

              Yep! Since op will be based in monti, that was the one that came to my mind.

              1. re: vinoroma

                Yes, so sad that place is so bad now. But, have you noticed the slew of places that have opened in the last month around Monti? The fried place on Via Boschetto is actually pretty good. I got a cone full of fried sage leaves that was excellent. (the suppli not so much). Also, new street foody place on Via Leonina looks interesting. (next to chocolate shop)

                1. re: minchilli

                  Via Leonina! Not Leoncino! All I need is a new source of fried food!

          2. re: minchilli

            I second Perilli, although one of our most distinguished Chowhounders on the board doesn't like it. Also in Testaccio I can recommend Trattoria Da “Oio” a Casa Mia Via Galvani, 43-45, and for something a bit more upscale, Felice. For Felice be sure to make your reservation early, and it only takes telephone reservations. Still more upscale is Checchino Dal 1887.

          3. If you're "Looking to keep it simple, traditional Roman cuisine", I can recommend several places:

            1. Il Mozzicone dei Fratelli POGGI, Borgo Pio 180. A simple place, and one of the few in the Vatican area with trying. Try the bacala and the carbonara. I ate there two weeks ago. You may want to eat here if you're in the Vatican area.

            2. Dal cavalier Gino, Vicolo Rosini 4 ( a narrow alley off piazza del Parlamento)

            3. Enoteca Corsi, via dei Gesu 87 lunch only. Simple. Ate here a year ago.

            4. L'Angoletto (tel 06 686 80 19, Piazza Rondanini 55. Ate here a year ago, outside.

            5. La Campana, Vicolo della Campana 18

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            1. re: sidcundiff

              Thanks for the recommendations, they look interesting especially Gino!

              1. re: sidcundiff

                Thank you for these suggestions. We are also interested in traditional Roman fare. Someone else just recommended La Campana as a good option for white truffles. Also glad to see a recommendation in the Vatican area as we've split our Rome stay between that area and the area near Via Veneto.