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Feb 13, 2014 01:47 AM

Returning to Vegas for first time in years - what have I missed?

Its been quite some time since I've delved into Vegas restaurants on the strip. I'll be back at end of March / early April for a combined belated bachelorette party meets work trip. (don't ask. it might not be pretty.) We're staying at the Bellagio but I don't recall there being exceptionally memorable food right there.

I recall having a lovely dinner at Sage. Once upon a time Fiamma was quite good. Liked - didn't love - Joel Robuchon. And as I'm coming from DC, I'm well acquainted with Jose Andres concepts as well. I don't know, though, that they've stood the test of time.

We're doing a brunch at Bouchon (how can we not??) and on the one night I'll be there a deux with just one of my girlfriends, I'm going to try to snag seats at e.

I've read through many threads and can't seem to get a handle on what's worth it these days (good food by any standards, suitable for groups of 5, something new & noteworthy, etc...) and what's not.

Does anyone have suggestions for a few dinners? I welcome your thoughts - feeling very out of the loop.

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  1. Le Cirque CAN be memorable.

    If you've been to minibar, e is redundant.

    Twist, IMO, remains the best restaurant in Vegas.

    If you can get off-strip, Raku is memorable, as is Sweets Raku.

    On Strip, for a group of women, I'd say Sage remains a very good choice - but if looking for something "newer" of flashier, consider Carnevino for the best steak in Vegas (maybe the United States,) American Fish, and perhaps Rose.Rabbit.Lie - though I've not been, the word of mouth - particularly for your group of bachelorettes, might be perfect.

    1. @uhockey - thank you for those suggestions. Agreed that Rose.Rabbit.Lie looks intriguing for a bachelorette party and for the cocktails if nothing else.

      I booked us a reservation for dinner there and envision us just losing the night there afterwards.

      Investigating Carnevino for Sunday night dinner as well. I very much appreciate the suggestions.

      When its just the two of us Tuesday night, I'll try to get us a res at Twist. Is there bar seating as well?

      Thanks again.

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        Twist is fine dining, no bar seating. There is the sky lounge just down the hall, however, if you want to enjoy the view and drinks - just not the amazing food.