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Jun 1, 2006 09:49 AM

need DENVER recs for Indian and breakfast places

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Any great Indian food in Denver?

And what would fellow hounds recommend as the best "hole-in-the-wall" places for a breakfast of perfect eggs with scrumptious bacon or tender pancakes?

Thanks from back East!

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  1. For Indian in Denver metro, there are some great restaurants. My favorite is India's - in a strip mall 3 blocks E of I-25 just n of Hampden. Downtown is India House, which is overpriced but good food. In Boulder there is Tandoori Grill, which has excellent samosas and fiery dishes. The Indian restaurant on Pearl and 18th(?) does much better savory stuff(butter chicken, paneers, etc).

    Yak and Yeti's is kind of a hole in the wall Indian place off the boulder turnpike and Sheridan. Best food I've found in the N end of Denver, but not in the same league as India's.

    You'll get recommendations for Masalaa down south. I went there once, and was disappointed. The paneer tasted burnt and the pakora was soggy. Since it's on the opposite side of town, I'm more than happy to just ignore it from now on.

    For a great basic breakfast try the Egg Shell in Arvada, Egg and I at 17th and Market(?) in Denver, or for real hangover cure the bright yellow sign diner off 44th between Kipling and Sheridan in Wheat Ridge. Best Chicken fried steak and eggs you can find.

    Happy eats

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      Are you looking for American Indian? I have a similar post a few items up in the list. I'll be in Denver in two weeks. I got one reply with recs. I'm planning to go to the place with the chicken fried steak and eggs.
      Greetings from the West Coast!

      1. I would agree with the other post about Indian in Denver, although, unlike the poster, I have had good experiences at Masalaa, which is vegetarian indian and has all kinds of wonderful breads and pancakes--Dosa, Idlees, etc.

        For greek diner type breakfast I always go to Gyro's Place on east colfax. Nothing fancy, but very good griddle food--hash browns, sausage patties, over easy, pancakes etc.

        1. Not exactly a hole in the wall, but it's not fancy, but damn good - Dozen's - in downtown denver right neat the Mint and Capitol Buildings.

          1. Brunch - Bump and Grind in Denver - near 17th? On Sundays the male waiters dress in drag. Banana waffles . . . mmmm.

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              Snooze's near downtown is awesome.

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                Snooze is great, although I don't think it falls in the "hole in the wall" catagory.