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Feb 12, 2014 10:42 PM

Best Nonstick Pans for Glasstop Stoves?

Hi All,

I am looking for great non-toxic options for non-stick frying pan use on glass top stoves.

Any ideas or brands would be helpful!

Thanks everyone!

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  1. I use any and everything on mine.

    1. Used to have an Amana glass top. EVERYTHING worked fine except a traditional wok.

      1. I have several scan pan frying pans that work great on my most hated stove of my lifetime:) Also, have a de buyer that works fine. Some of my cast iron work well but a few of the very old ones are wobbly and do not work as the 'smart' stove burners go on and off if the contact is not smooth on the glass top. Better than no stove at all, but barely.

        1. Might post this over in the Cookware board. I believe this has come up over there before.

          1. The answer hinges on your definition of "non-toxic options". As far as I am consider, every Teflon nonstick cookware is not toxic, but you may have a very different idea. So I think it is important for you to define your nontoxic criteria.