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May 27, 2006 11:30 AM

Taos' best

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Lambert's..just south of Taos is the only place worth dining in Taos.

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  1. That's a pretty extreme statement and I love Lambert's. But, I just had an absolutely stellar meal at Joseph's Table so when you state that there's only one worthwhile restaurant in Taos, I have to question your motives or reliabilaty. Where else have you eaten? By the way, did you know that Lambert's is up for sale? $675K will buy you the restaurant.

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      We didn't dine at Joseph's Table. They only serve beer and wine. Antonio's down by Ranchos de Taos was very good.

    2. We just ate there tonight. Very nice people, and a very nice LOOKING menu and cuisine, but...

      Mediocre (at best) quality of cooking.

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        1. We went to Taos for a getaway this weekend, (the power of suggestion on these boards is great). I'm sorry to report some downgrades. Sheva has moved to the old (sorely missed) Zen Palate space in the Overland Sheep complex. Taoseno friends, said there was a new chef at Sheva and the food was great, so we joined our friends at Sheva. Alack and alas, the food was far from great. We were told the new chef had moved back to Florida, and were reassured that he had fully trainned the kitchen staff before he left. It seems like they weren't paying attention.

          They've upscaled the menu, considerably but missed a few notes. My wife had a deconstructed moussaka that was just plain silly. Bring back the old homestyle moussaka of yore. My dish was an overcooked, mushy "sushi grade" tuna on a mulch pile of greens with red pepper confetti, and a "gazpacho sauce/soup? on the side of the oval plate. After asking why the gazpacho was so sweet, the waiter realized they had mistakenly put the watermelon gazpacho on instead. The placement, jalepeno laced gazpacho was not much better. Sadly, their signature Israeli fries have lost it completely. Instead of skin on, waffle fries with lucious caramelized oinions and herbs. They have morphed into a mixture of greasy bald, fat, white and sweet potato fries with bits of burned onion. Also missed on this new menu was the baklava, the former location had an excellent version . I can't help wonder if the place has been sold, and a whole new management has taken over. Are any of you chowhounds out there, aprised of what's going on at Sheva?

          Brunch at Joseph's Table was also a disappointment on several points. Service was not at all attentive, even though at 1PM there were only four tables of guests. It looked like they might have sent some staff home because of the slow brunch.

          My buffalo burger was ordered rare and came, medium well. It took so long to arrive, and I was so hungry, I opted, not to send it back. I asked the waitress, to please let the kitchen know that it had been badly overcooked, and never heard another word about it. The burger was moist and had a shard of charred flavorful but very mild green chile and a tiny amount of artisan cheese on top. I was even more shocked at the boring sweet potato chips and the small clump of over the hill arugala and limp black edged romain that showed up as sides with the burger. I can overlook these kinds of things at far less expensive places but, it concerns me at this level. On a brighter note my wife had a bowl of really excellent, plump, mussels in a pesto broth and one of the best scones I've had in years. I will check in with these boards before springing for dinner at JT next time. I sure hope Joseph Table isn't getting ricketty.