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May 26, 2006 01:20 PM

Bisbee Arizona: dinner on Sunday & Monday night?

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To my dismay, many restaurants are closed these nights. We are totally open to cuisine, ambiance and price..just want a couple of good dinners during our short stay in Bisbee! Any thoughts for June 4th and 5th?

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  1. Is Cafe Roka closed both nights? If so, I think that's a shame. and unfortunately, I've no where else to recommend. We also had dinner once at the main hotel there there - is it the Bisbee? the name escapes me at the moment -- and it was, at best, expensive and not memorable. Cafe Roka was a dream - and worth the drive.

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      It's the Copper Queen Hotel and the restaurant is a must-miss.

    2. I believe Rosa's Little Italy is still open Sunday nights. It's a little off the beaten path outside of town, and it's kind of rustic, but the food is wonderful. Hearty portions, homemade marinara and BYOB. What more could you want? Check it out:

      1. The Copper Queen has definitely seen better days. We had a good dinner in January 05 at a then-new place called, I think, the Striped Stocking, which is also a small hotel. I was trying to find the post from that trip but couldn't locate it through the new search engine. Obviously, a lot could have changed in a year and a half, but if it's still there, check it out. Also, assuming you're staying in one of the interesting B&Bs/inns in town, check with your hosts. They will know what's new and good.

        kittyfood (bka Sarah C)