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Quick, while we still have power! Blizzard comfort food?

Red Oakley Feb 12, 2014 09:53 PM

We're no doubt all home this Thursday. What are you having for lunch? Dinner? Will you go out Friday if the roads are clear, or hunker down with more home cooking?

Here we're having leftover curried chicken for lunch. If the PECO Force is still with us, I'm making French Onion Soup for dinner. I've hardboiled some eggs in case we lose power before I get up Thursday morning -- they'll still be cold enough to make egg salad with the replacement mayo we just bought -- could be that jar's only useful role before disposal!

Gotta stay cheery, what other alternative is there? Oh, yeah, intoxicated!

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    givemecarbs RE: Red Oakley Feb 12, 2014 11:42 PM

    Great topic Red Oakley. I am lucky to have a gas stove so I can still cook if I lose power. I grabbed a shepherd's pie from Costco and some nice precooked sausages and rolls. They had the seven hundred dollar generators near the registers and people were buying them.
    I can't sleep so I am baking the pie now just in case. I remember during that storm around halloween a few years ago reheating a shepherd's pie from Smoke Daddy in a fry pan. I bought clementines and a box of chocolates also from Costco but managed to resist the David's Cookies cheesecakes they were sampling.
    If I still can't sleep I might bake a pumpkin bread while the oven is still hot.

    1. c
      Chefpaulo RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 03:26 AM

      Yup. Up at 6 a.m. I am pondering what to do with the family pack of chicken thighs ( likely Craig Claiborn's Moroccan chicken with cous cous and harissa) and if I want to bake some baguettes and a pecan pie. Snow days always bring back memories of cooking with mom and playing endless Monopoly. It's really blowing hard here and the bimmer is covered so home I will stay.

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      1. re: Chefpaulo
        givemecarbs RE: Chefpaulo Feb 13, 2014 03:51 AM

        hope we all keep our electricity CP. I don't remember so many power outages back in the day. What is up with that? Might make some soup with the liquid from the asparagus.

      2. Njchicaa RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 05:08 AM

        French Onion soup sounds wonderful!

        1. c
          ChiliDude RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 05:16 AM

          Chili from the freezer and defrosted before heating.

          Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on sour dough bread.

          Ramen noodle soup with extra firm tofu (flavor packet discarded in favor of low salt soy sauce and hot sauce).

          Quesadillas with scrambled egg and mixed shredded cheeses as filling.

          1. b
            bugablue13 RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 06:28 AM

            I have 5 inches already! I love to bake when it's snowing outside. I'll make cookies with the kids (if I don't want to kill them being trapped inside) and make a couple loaves of bread. Boiling eggs is a great idea!

            1. fldhkybnva RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 06:35 AM

              Here's a thread with some good ideas from earlier this year http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/960668

              I'll be making a big vat of chicken stock with lots of soup on the horizon.

              1. mcsheridan RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 06:49 AM

                I made chili last night, so that's dinner for at least tonight & tomorrow. Just finished up a plate of pancakes, and will be making an Apple Pie soon. Thankfully, I just got a gas range late last year, so a power outage, while possible in this snowslaught, won't be quite as discomforting as in the past.

                Commercial mayo can survive quite nicely for long periods unrefrigerated, not so the egg salad; so go ahead and hard-cook those eggs, but combine when you're ready to eat if you've lost power.

                Chances are I'll be spending a good bit of Friday digging out, so any advanced cooking will wait until I'm in the clear again. I picked up some potstickers from Trader Joe's yesterday, and those can do double duty as breakfast or lunch as needed.

                1. t
                  Tara57 RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 08:43 AM

                  Boiling eggs in advance of a power outage is a brilliant idea. I may go boil some now.

                  1. r
                    Red Oakley RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 02:20 PM

                    I posted this in the Philly forum, but I guess the mods moved it. I do realize not EVERYbody was at home today!

                    We have a foot of snow, 2-3" more coming tonight. But we still have power! Much better than last week -- out nearly 5 days.

                    I thought mayonnaise had to go because of the eggs. I found a govt. chart that said 4+ hours at 40 or above and it should be discarded.

                    All these references to good foods -- homemade or not -- are making me hungry!

                    1. n
                      noodlepoodle RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 03:05 PM

                      For supper tonight, I made a big pot of beef and barley soup, served with a big hunk of buttered baguette, perfect for a snowy night in Vermont. Finally, we're getting some snow up here.

                      1. Ttrockwood RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 07:33 PM

                        I only lost power once in the past ten years, when the eastern seaboard had that blackout one summer. So, (knocking on wood) not too worried.
                        I made a big pot of black bean sweet potato stewp with kale, carrots, smoked paprika, and a tomatoey base. Had a bowl of it with a glass of mild fruity red wine.

                        I baked up some granola with the random nuts and seeds i had, tossed it with toasted coconut and chopped candied ginger when it was done. I'll sprinkle on yogurt for breakfasts.

                        1. daislander RE: Red Oakley Feb 13, 2014 09:32 PM

                          baking, fruit pie, apple crumble, muffins, loafs..stuff you can leave out and eat if the power goes out.

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