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Feb 12, 2014 07:13 PM

Food ideas near The Grove Hotel, Boise

I'm going to be at a conference at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise. We are looking for lunch and dinner recommendations within walking distance of the hotel. The group I am with are also big micro beer drinkers so suggestions with that in mind are always welcome. We eat pretty much anything. We are all currently living in Moscow, ID so suggestions that are not just burgers and pizza would be great as well (though we all love a good burger). Price range would be preferred under $20 an entree.


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    1. re: enbell

      Thanks for the suggestions. They sound great! Are there any good Asian or Mexican food in the area as well?

      1. re: AmandaRG

        On 8th St
        On 9th St
        Are you interested in sushi?
        For Mexican there is Matador on 8th Street

        For me, I prefer the other ones I mentioned above. If you really want Asian, we also have PF Changs ;)

        1. re: enbell

          Yes we love sushi if there is a good spot nearby! thanks for the heads up on PF Changs but I would rather avoid chains

    2. I hope this helps....
      Have not eaten at:

      Have Eaten at
      Sonobana (but now walkable


      I am not by any means a connoisseur - so you are more likely to learn more from y*lp than from me. Here's the link

      1. Enbell has given you some of the best options for micro beers and food. It is difficult to add to that list. Other options for walkable restaurants if you want to branch out to places that are also good in downtown Boise include an Italian restaurant that I like a great deal...Alevita. It is owned by the same people as Fork and just down the street. Dish is also very good...also walkable.

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