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Feb 12, 2014 05:25 PM

Where have you had the best Osso Buco in SD?

Since La Trattoria closed in Santee and before that on Mision Gorge, I've not tasted any as good as Liliana's. By accident I was in the neighborhood and stopped in Buona Forchetta early, had a glass of Sangiovese, a delicious chuleta, risotto a bit rich and heavy, and a panna cotta, all for a measly $37. YUM! I'm going to try it again soon, along with your other suggestions???? Thanks.

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  1. It's not osso bucco exactly, but the pork shank at Bo Beau in La Mesa is very good

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Really. Is it the same as Bo Beau Ocean Beach?
      I know lots of places that serve Pork or Lamb and call it Osso Buco but it ain't the same. ;-)
      The shank at Buona Forchetta is veal. The same meal in Little Italy would be $60.
      I could probably find one in TJ!

      1. re: P Macias

        Yes, it's a relative of Bo Beau in OB. They're not calling it pork osso bucco, just plain old pork shank.

      2. re: DiningDiva

        that's the good old eisbein but not in lah di dah Francaise
        I know the Bo Beaus are related but with different chefs?

        1. re: P Macias

          Yes. The chef from OB "oversees" the kitchen in LM but isn't on site all (most?) of the time

          1. re: P Macias

            Eisbein is not a regular pork shank but pickled/cured and often smoked before it is boiled.

        2. I think the osso buco at Baci is very good.

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          1. re: DoctorChow

            Thanks, I agree. I nearly forgot about Baci.

          2. Here is a place that is often overlooked, but actually rather good: Osteria Romantica (LJ Shores). I do not think that Osso Buco is on their regular menu, but I have had their Osso Buco and it was very tasty. San Diego does not have excellent Italian restaurants (at least, not that I know), but Osteria Romantica is very good and I have yet to find a better place for Italian food.

              1. Primavera in Coronado. I have never ordered it, but others I have dined with have... they loved it!

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                1. re: firecooked

                  Excellent suggestion! I've not had their osso buco, but I've never had anything there that wasn't superior.

                  Just looked on their website, and I see it's on their regular menu.

                  1. re: firecooked

                    OMG...thanks for this rec. Very comfortable place with good service and we were not rushed. I went there planning to savor the osso buco but ultimately decided on the Veal Chop because not many places still serve them. It was simply divine. I will return for Osso Buco, unless something else grabs me by the neck.