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Feb 12, 2014 04:05 PM

Sushi Omakase

Are there any sushi counter where the itamae serves you one or two piece of nigiri at a time, omakase style? e.g. yasuda, 15 east, ichimura, sushi nakazawa, masa in nyc.

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  1. That's our frequent experience at Fuji in Haddonfield, but
    anyone who requested could have that service. We sometimes ask for our favorites: live scallop, giant clam,

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      So at Fuji you have to request to be served one piece at a time? Or do you have mean if you request Omakase he'll serve you one piece at a time as opposed to making it all at once? I don't want to have to order a la carte one piece at a time.

    2. Isn't that sad. The only place is Fuji in Haddonfield.

      The best sushi in the city proper, quality wise, is Morimoto (e.g., real grated wasabi, excellent fish all seasonal, etc.) but they platter the sushi at one time and it's a big deal for them to separate sashimi from sushi!

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        yeah i've ordered the sushi omakase at morimoto sitting at a table before and it all came out on one big platter. Do they do that even if you're sitting at the counter too?

        what do you mean it's a big deal for them to separate the sashimi from sushi?

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          Let's say you order their omakase, they'll do something completely different from real omakase, it's most cooked, Morimoto dishes with one sushi course near the end.

          Then their menu says you can order a sushi or sashimi omakase. I think you can order a sushi + sashimi omakase, but they're together, and even that IIRC is not standard. You have to special request that they serve the sashimi separate from the nigiri.

          There is an older chef there and he's much better than the others, so he'll do up a great sashimi course and then some excellently cut nigiri. The problem is they will serve a hot anago and you have to eat it early so it does not cool down, however, that is way too heavy prior to the white fishes, etc.

          I'm sure you didn't want all that obvious detail, but I felt like making myself hungry. ;)

          Anyway, ask for Ben at the sushi bar; he's a little better than the other waiters.

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            so it sounds like they serve you everything at once even if you're eating at the counter.

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              Yes. They definitely don't give the impression they have time to do one or two pieces of nigiri at a time. They also don't pre-sauce the fish.

              I find that they almost always include one little extra (comped of course) if you sit at the counter. I have had crab brains, cod sperm sacs, etc. so they have the weird stuff. This is always served by the head chef.

      2. Omakase at Umai in Lansdale is served that way I think, although I'm usually sitting at the counter with 4 people and we'll get 1 plate with 4 pieces on it for each of the courses to share.

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          I've had the omakase at Umai but not at the counter. How many nigiri courses were you served?

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            We don't leave it entirely up to Rae, we tell him what we want, and it's different each time. I've certainly had 15 different items in one sitting, one by one, that pretty much covered the gamut. Some big, some small, and including non-traditional oddities like shrimp heads, stuffed jalapeƱo, and oyster shooters.

        2. I think I haven't been clear. Matt ITo, the Chef/Owner/Artist or his son, Jesse, will serve you what you like, as you like it upon request. And, they will remember what you prefer/don't like every time you come.

          My friend and I never order; we just leave it to Matt, and are always delighted, often with dishes we have never had before. In addition to the superb quality of the fish/presentation, we have found his prices to be most reasonable for the quality.

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          1. re: Bashful3

            Another vote for Fuji. Matt Ito and Jesse always serve a fabulous meal; we sit at the counter and order an omakase dinner and we are always surprised and pleased by what we receive. Often we specify all fish and no meat.