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Feb 12, 2014 03:30 PM

Tucson recs [moved from Phoenix board]

I know this is the Phoenix board but I'm hoping some of you get down to Tucson on occasion. We'll be there for three days. Any suggestions on restaurants we should not miss? Authentic, unfussy, not too expensive...

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  1. Authentic what? Sonoran, local?, non-chain? Any part of town?

    1. Boca Tacos is my favorite. A must try is their macho taco and salsas. Very unique.

      Roma Imports is an very authentic and great Italian Deli, not a place serving Boar's Head saying it's's the real deal.

      I love Brunch at North.

      Twisted Tandoor is a great food truck.

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      1. Oh and the new prep and pastry is getting rave reviews.

        1. My current favorites:
          -Kimchi Time has been outstanding for Korean food - get the pork belly dish
          -Tucson Tamale Co - old standby for good reason - they don't skimp on filling.
          -Nur - I mention it even though they can't seem to keep the kitchen open, but its a Somali market and when the restaurant is open they do halal and have goat. Enough reason for me to have stopped by every time I go to Tucson for the past 2 years.