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Feb 12, 2014 03:13 PM

Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown

Dumpling Cafe has opened up next to the Centre St. subway entrance, replacing, I believe, one of the Swan Bakery Cafe affiliates, which in turn had replaced one of the Golden Carriage locations. It's actually a hybrid in that they sell dumplings plus have an array of Chinese bakery goods like Swan did. There are other hybrid eateries in Chinatown that serve traditional dim sum plus bakery goods, but this is the first one I've seen to mix potstickers and bakery buns. Dumpling Cafe is at 153 Centre St.

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  1. Based on the signage (i.e., its Chinese name), it doesn't look like it's related to the one in Brooklyn, right?

    Too bad, the one in Brooklyn actually makes a pretty good chicken dumpling.

    1. I tried it today and thought the pork dumplings were quite good!
      They are priced 8 for $2.95, they were hot and fresh, the filling had good fresh flavor with no weird gristly or overly fatty bits. The skins were chewy in a good way and the sauce in bottles on the tables is really good with soy sauce, sesame seeds and chives floating in it. It's not just watered down "soyish stuff". They have some other noodle dishes, were nice. No seats. I'd definitely go back.