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Feb 12, 2014 02:03 PM

Getting A Buzz on Tobacco Infused Cocktails

I was at The Carbon Bar the other night and had their tobacco infused Manahttan which was amazing, but noticed I got that sweet little nicotine buzz almost akin to have a drag from a cigarette - not as intense but there none the less.

A friend with me that has never really smoked aside from the old high school experimentation said they felt the same way and was a little concerned. I told her maybe she shouldn't order tobacco infused cocktails. Maybe I was being a bit harsh, but really, shouldn't one expect this when ordering something made infused with tobacco?

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  1. what a terrible new trend. let it be condemned to the pits of hell for all eternity.

    1. Anything that might make you more interested in having nicotine is a total fail in my book.

      1. I made a cigar infused ice cream one time (bourbon and cigar). It was really good but it caused a bit of a scratchy sensation on the throat. Despite that it was unique and most people enjoyed it I probably won't be making it any time soon.

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          Monica Lewinsky "smoked" a cigar with Bill Clinton at least once, but she doesn't appear to have taken up the habit. I don't see the reason for these drinks, other than a way for people who currently smoke or did in the past to get a bit of nicotine. I doubt non-smokers would start smoking because they tried one of these drinks or ice cream.