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wisdom teeth - experience preferred

so BOTH of my boys are having their wisdom teeth pulled next week (i'm calling us the House of Pain) and I'm not worried about them having ENOUGH to eat because I'm a walking advert for Blendtec and all it can do (love my blender).. however, wondering if anyone would like to recommend any recipes in particular that you found most satisfying during this time. Hot or cold? sweet or savory? i'm putting no restrictions on them: if they want a blended burrito, i'll figure a way to do it!

all i'm asking is what was your favorite thing during this time when you KNEW you couldn't chew.

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  1. I've heard of killing two birds with one stone when it comes to chicken pox - but wisdom teeth surgery?

    signed, I'm in my 40's and still have my wisdom teeth. They proved problematic for a few months, but before I could deal with it, they retreated and have not been a problem.

    Cauliflower and Parsnip mash.

    1. If the former conventional wisdom still holds, a key point is to *NOT* use a straw to drink liquids. Creating a vacuum in your mouth will be disruptive to the wound. They should also lay off the cigarettes for the same reason.

      My thinking is to get the most nutrition into them with the least disruption. Full fat dairy comes to mind. This might be a case where sugar is better than starch, because it is water soluble and doesn't need to be digested in the mouth. Have them *gently* rinse with salt water after eating.

      Pain is good. It will keep them from doing risky things which may lead to setbacks and much more total pain (physical and financial).

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        So true about not masking the pain.

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          this. Follow the dentist's recommendations absolutely to the letter -- if either of them end up with a dry socket, they'll swear they'd have to get better to die. It's a horrible complication, and the most ridiculously incapacitating pain I have ever been in (and that includes root canals, broken bones, and surgery)

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            Yes, times about a million, on the no straw. I followed the doctors orders and still ended up with two dry sockets. (Dentist told me it happens in around 5% of cases, even when you do everything that you are supposed to.) The first time I went to get them packed (the only way they will heal) it hurt so much that I passed out and woke up on oxygen.

            Because of the dry sockets and some other complications (I have a very small mouth and the surgeon actually sprained my jaw) I was on soft foods for about three weeks. I used a baby spoon because I couldn't open my mouth far enough for a real one. I ate a ridiculous amount of pineapple sherbet. Mac and cheese - the boxed kind. The nice homemade oven mac and cheese had too much of a chew to it for me. I overcooked the pasta a bit as well to make it easier. Lots of mashed potatoes and butterscotch pudding.

            I did not eat many soups - they tend to have very small pieces of veggies or rice that got stuck in the holes in my gums too easily and were hard to get out even with an irrigating syringe.

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          brilliant thanks for the straw info especially!

        3. It's been a while, but I remember that very cold didn't sit well the first 24 hours. I preferred warm or room temp.

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            that sounds so obvious... but i never would have even THOUGHT to offer room temp food! thank you so much!!

          2. For the first 24-48hrs cold or frozen foods are best, then room temp or chilled but nothing with steam or hot for a while.
            There are tons of threads will soft foods and blendable ideas.
            ***be sure they have some kind of snack or smoothie etc with any rx pain meds! Do NOT take on an empty stomach****
            The only thing worse than being in pain and cranky is all of the above plus getting sick from meds on an empty stomach. Ask me why i know this.

            A very simple delicious smoothie meal is chunks of frozen banana, a gob of peanut butter, vanilla ice cream or yogurt and a splash of milk to blend.

            Within 3 days or so soft foods like scrambled eggs, room temp oatmeal and cooked well pasta will be managable.

            These threads have tons of great ideas, still valid years later....


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              thanks ttrockwood - already hitting those threads!

            2. For me, I was only in pain for the first day or so and it was really discomfort more than pain. No straws, of course, but other than that I ate whatever I felt like. It just took awhile. I avoided super spicy or salty things- no chips and salsa, for example. It's not really the big deal I thought it was going to be. Make sure the debris or oral surgeon gives them syringes with a curved tip- essential for cleaning out the pockets after a meal!

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                I had all four done at once, in the doctor's office. I survived but barely. I remember eating ice cream and yogurt, but not much else, for around a month. Just to coat my stomach so I could take the pain pills.

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                  Wow that's rough! Sounds like I lucked out. Sorry to hear you were in pain for so long.

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                    There were slight complications, like a nerve that was tangled around a root; but I was young and survived it all in the end, thanks. I was expecting to go back to work the next day, silly me.

              2. Rice and peas on day 3 are not a good idea. My mom insisted they were soft foods, they got stuck in my one socket.

                Mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs

                1. I had all four wisdom teeth removed last year.

                  Day 1 I was desperate for caffeine and something cold, so I spooned down a frappucino around lunchtime. I sipped a mug of chicken and stars soup for supper.

                  Mac and cheese cooked very soft and mashed with a fork was heavenly on day 2.

                  I ate lots of soup and yogurt. Savory foods were more soothing than sweet. Grits were very comforting, but they got stuck in the stitches. I think I ate oatmeal.

                  You heal better when you manage the pain -- keep the jaw iced and follow your doctor's directions about pain medication.

                  1. I had a buddy that went to subway after!! me, worst experience of my life. I would say room temp, no straws, maybe some cream of chicken or mushroom. A clear broth would prob be best or miso but kids don't usually like it. Also yogurt with a bit of honey or maple syrup or if your super awesome ice-cream. then bananas

                    1. Slightly different situations here, but a bit of overlap. I had two (front) teeth pulled yesterday, with bone graft and dressing over top. What has tasted good has been Progresso Mushroom soup (solids strained out), a microwaved sweet potato with way too much butter and some salt, and scrambled eggs.

                      Good luck to the boys (and you!).

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                        hurray for not worrying about fat or calories -- it's the one good thing about having a restricted diet!

                      2. I had mine out when I was 15, back in the early 90's. I was eating pudding and soup by nightfall the first day, and then scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, zoodles, smushed up mac and cheese for a few days after that. The swelling went down fairly quickly and the pain wasn't too bad. I only used the Tylenol 3's (with codeine) for the first day.

                        Good luck to you and your boys. What an experience to share with a sibling! ;)

                        1. Not a specific food, but one tip I have is using baby spoons to eat. It's hard to open your mouth wide enough to accommodate a normal sized spoon.

                          1. I had all four out, in the hospital under general anesthesia, when I was in college. My mom made me grilled cheese sandwiches - Kraft singles on squishy white bread - and I tore off tiny pieces that I could swallow without chewing. I also drank a lot of milkshakes! I vaguely remember that hot foods (anything warmer than warm) hurt.

                            Good luck to you and your boys...

                            1. so, on day 5 after surgery, they have graduated to softer foods (eggs, mac and cheese, overbaked potatoes). we got through this week with mainly the following:
                              pureed soups - tomato, chicken, strained miso the first day.
                              smoothies - mango, chocolate-peanut butter, green.
                              ice cream and milkshakes after the 2nd day (too cold!).

                              turns out they really didn't care much - just needed to get filled up ASAP when they got hungry. The pain sort of kicks in and the hunger follows. was easier than i thought, thanks to my blendtec!

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                                Glad they are doing well. I would still like to understand why the duel scheduled surgery. 30 years ago, parents would routinely schedule the procedure before it was deemed necessary, before shipping kids off to college. Business was booming, but much of it unnecessary.

                                Sounds like you are spoiling them with love which is a very good thing.

                                1. re: Bellachefa

                                  it would have been cruel to schedule one, and have the other watch the aftermath, only to know that he was scheduled as well.

                                  and, it was a necessary procedure.

                                  1. re: rmarisco

                                    made total sense to me -- no impending sense of dread, no food envy because one could eat X but the other one couldn't, all the nursing and whining done at one time....and quite possibly, with both kids doped up with painkiller -- a long afternoon with a good book for you! :)

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                                    Glad they are doing well! Be careful because for another month or so they should avoid anything small and hard like nuts, raw carrots, raw apples, chips, etc.
                                    i learned the hard way- i was just so excited to eat food with texture again once i felt better!

                                    1. re: Ttrockwood

                                      thanks for that - i was wondering how far we could go with small hard foods. guess i'll keep nuts off the menu for a while still...

                                  2. I ate TONS of pudding cups and mashed potatoes (and I was 27).

                                    1. Hmm, it was relatively painless and fast for me during the day-of. I even chewed some things...

                                      Somehow three days after was the worst; I think the medicines combined with my vitamins/supplements.. so right now I am not going to take my vitamins/supplements.

                                      I will say I worked out yesterday--which would be 3 days after the procedure--and when I woke up the day after working-out for the first time, I felt like eating the entire kitchen. Oh man. So just be careful if you workout: have a spare truckload of food.

                                      I have been craving hot coffee and seafood (go figure) and ... popcorn since you cannot have popcorn for at least 8 weeks (mahhhh however will I do without TJoes Herb Popcorn!).

                                      1. I remember during the first couple of days post-surgery that I quickly grew tired of soft sweet foods. It seemed like most foods that were soft were sweet (pudding, yoghurt, smoothies), and I don't know if it was the pain meds or what, but it all tasted sickly sweet to me.

                                        So I vote mashed potatoes made with crème fraîche, soft scrambled eggs also made with crème fraîche, minty mushy peas, and lobster bisque (with a dollop of crème fraîche).
                                        The temperature I most liked at the time was just warm (definitely not cold, definitely not very hot).

                                        1. it's been a long time since I had my wisdom teeth out... but i remember eating a lot of yogurt and milkshakes - probably with a spoon. i think cold felt best to me which is funny because now with my second round of braces, I want warm foods - pureed soups are my favorite.