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May 25, 2006 10:31 AM

Good Brunch/Diners Between Denver International and Boulder

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Yes, I know this is specific.

I'm a DC-hound coming to Colorado for a meeting just west of Boulder. I'm getting in mid-morning, and will be driving with my former boss up to the meeting site.

I haven't gotten the routes worked out (there are a number of different ways to go), and I figure that we're both going to want something good to eat, and that a pit-stop might be in order along the way - why not have a good meal. That'll help us figure out the best way to go, too.

Anyhow, to be specific, we don't need anything particularly fancy. Good diner or brunch food would be excellent - real mom & pop sorts of places.

The place we're going to is about halfway between Central City and Estes Park - so anywhere between that location and Denver International is what we're looking for.


- Andrew Langer

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  1. There are several places like that in Boulder. The first two that come to mind are Lucille's (cajun - they have fantastic biscuits with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam) and Foolish Craig's (crepes and general good breakfast type food). Oh, another good one is the Walnut Cafe (two locations - great pie).

    There is also a Lucille's in Longmont that is good. I don't think there is much else in the way of diner/brunch in Longmont though there is good brew pub, pho, and japanese.

    I think Lyons has a nice local cafe (Gateway Cafe) that is supposed to serve really good pie, but I've never been there.

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      Ooops! Just looked up Gateway Cafe and it looks like a fairly expensive evening joint.

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        Andrew Langer

        Thanks, Sage! Those are just the kind of recs I was looking for. My old boss is a Louisiana-native, so a cajun joint might be just up his alley.

      2. I may be missing something on your route! You say you're going somewhere between Central City and Estes Park. That's a lot of real estate. Are you talking Nederland or somewhere else on the Peak to Peak highway? There is a lot of choice in Boulder and Lucille's is great. If this is a week-end, be prepared to wait for at least an hour for a table. For a "real" diner experience, try Dot's Diner. More upscale brunch would be Q's in the Hotel Boulderado. If you are going through Nederland, there's a small cafe called the Willow Creek (I think!) just beyond the traffic circle and to the right.

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          I went to college in Boulder (about a million years ago) and used to have the BEST breakfasts at Dot's Diner (located in an old gas station). I know this post is old, but just have to know if Dots is still open. My mouth is just watering thinking of the Huevos Rancheros and the big German pancake. Boy does this take me back...

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            Dot's is still open and they in fact have second location on 30th (or is it 28th?) as well.

        2. Another vote for Lucilles!! I've been going there for 20 years and its always great - don't skip the beignets and chicory coffee.
          But if you are like me and tend to like your eggs covered green chile - drive a bit of the way (maybe 15 minutes its just off I-25) , and hit Tacos de Mexico in Denver on 6th Ave and Sante Fe. They have the best breakfast burritos on the planet, which makes up for the the very divey atmospere and the fact that they don't take plastic.

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            First, this thread is only a year and a half old but I have to beg to differ that that's a "little out of the way". That would easily take an additional 20 minutes each direction from the best route from the airport to Boulder (Northwest Parkway).

          2. The original comment has been removed