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Feb 12, 2014 11:52 AM

Pastel de Frango - Brazilian House & Restaurant Goiano [Richmond]

This small Brazilian restaurant in Richmond is mostly a buffet, but they also sell some really tasty pastries in several styles/shapes/flavors. The ones I tried had chicken and beef fillings with delicate, eggy, pastry wrappers. They are perfect snacks for in-the-car dining. The buffet looked good too, with several colorful salads in addition to more meaty looking fare which I look forward to next time I am in the neighborhood.

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  1. A few years ago, I was sort of obsessed with coxinha, the chicken-filled fritters, wherever I could find them. They're also available here. Reading this might pull me back in. The website says it opens at 5am! Not that I'll be over there that early, but I love these Brazilian handpies for breakfast and maybe others do too.


    1. I stopped here Saturday afternoon on my way north. Guarana' seemed like the perfect afternoon pick-me-up beverage for the road. Both Antarctica (imported from Brazil) and a generic one are sold here.

      Late in the day, the case of salgados was pretty bare. The lady behind the counter said that the kitchen could fry any to order if I wanted to wait. Not this time, I grabbed the lone coxinha. The drumstick shaped snack was a bit larger than the one I'd tried at Sunstream in SF recently and about 20% higher in price. The chicken in the filling seemed to be all breast meat. More highly seasoned, this had an undercurrent of capsicum heat. The shaggy crust held up well and reheated to a delicate crunch in the toaster oven.

      I also got passionfruit mousse. Light and lovely, the passionfruit is a bit faint.

      I enjoyed checking this place out, particularly just a few hours after Brazil's win over Chile. The proprietress said that everyone was exhausted by the tension of the game. There's a TV screen set up in the corner and I bet this will be a fun place to watch Friday's match.

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        sigh. what to eat while watching the Brazil v Colombia match tomorrow on the 4th...? cheese bread? Pão de Queijo

        1. re: Cynsa

          I think the occasion calls for the Arepa vs. Pão de Queijo culinary smackdown.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Hot from the oven, the frozen Pão de Queijo bake with a crunchy shell and a hot, salty, cheesy, chewy center. I think I'm in trouble now - these are addictive. I'll need a second tasting of the Arepa for the semi finals if Brazil is victorious this afternoon.