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Feb 12, 2014 11:29 AM

Has anyone eaten at Allen's Steak Festival this year? (2014)

I see from their website that it's on right now, but was hoping for more details as to exactly what is on offer. I called and asked for a detailed list and all I got back via email was a pdf of the same page you can see here:

I was hoping for a list similar to what was available in previous years such as this:

or this one that Dean Tudor posted last year:

They don't seem to be promoting it much this year. I emailed back asking for more detail last night, but have not heard anything.

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  1. This blog post on the City Bites site has a photo of the menu

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    1. re: bytepusher

      Thanks, after reading that story it appears they don't want to publicise this for some reason. I still have not had a response to my RFMI (request for more information) It's the regular Allen's service, I'm not sure why I considered going. I'm interested to hear from anyone who goes this year.

      1. re: atomeyes

        Thanks, I saw that before I made the original post, but it does not have that detailed "secret menu" that was available on-line in previous years. It would appear from reading the City Bites post that the owner does not want to publicise the menu, probably to keep it all for his "regulars".

      2. looking for some honesty.
        is this festival worth checking out? i've never really be won over by Allen's in the past.

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          I am planning on going but not this weekend as VDay weekend I avoid all restaurants. Best woudl be to go with at least 4 people who all want steak as then you can get 4 different and compare. I am interested in trying the Dexter beef (miniture cows). I hear it is super tender and the farm is from where I grew up in Flamborough.

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            Well I am in the same boat as you. This is the chance for Allen's redemption. I am almost in Montreal as I write this so at least I should get some interesting dinner tonight!

          2. Last time I had their steak was about 2 years ago on the patio. I was horribly disappointed. Tough, grisly, it made Loblaw's look good.

            If you want a really really good steak, go to Jacob's.