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Feb 12, 2014 10:32 AM

Healthy Snacking for forgetful eaters?

What are some actually decent pre-packaged snack foods and meal replacements? I know as a general rule of thumb that they aren’t recommended by anyone, but I’m someone who frequently forgets to eat meals and often I find myself thinking “Oh crap I haven’t eaten in a while, I need to ingest some calories immediately.” I’m just curious about the best wholesome, nutritious, easily acquired, fairly priced snack/meal replacement-type foods and see what you all recommend, or if you have any advice for a person who has serious difficulty adhering to socially acceptable meal times. Much appreciated!!

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  1. i will first admit i have NEVER IN MY LIFE experienced this problem...

    that being said, trader joe's has lots of nuts and trail mix options that will put protein, or protein and sugars into you fast, with minimal fuss.

    I had a friend who's blood sugar would drop like a stone: she went for peanut butter, which now comes in packets, and cheese, which is also sometimes packaged in small sizes (i'm thinking brie bites from TJs as well..)

    also, there are lots of options in any supermarket deli case, from sushi to chicken curry salads. I'd make up (or buy) a batch, and buy smaller containers to store it in for portions to have over several days.

    If you eat meat, there are new "primal" bars on the market that have a combination of meat and fruit that are supposed to be good - haven't tried any. Epic is one brand I have seen.

    1. Little packages of almonds.

      The "Light" Muscle Milk.

      A hard boiled egg.

      String cheese. Or those little cubes of what you like.

      Whole milk Greek yogurt.

      Celery stuffed with peanut butter.

      Veggies and guac.

      Pita wraps (stuffed with turkey, or veggies, or something yum)

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        +1 on the whole milk yogurt. Don't cheat yourself of the fats and vitamins in dairy. I see little point in skim or 2%. Get the body burning fat, and blood sugar is of lesser importance.

      2. There are very few "meal replacement" products that are both reasonably priced and made from real ingredients.
        That said, Kind bars, Lara bars, and Cliff bars are easy to find and don't contain science experiment ingredients.
        Odwalla and Naked brands make refridgerated protein smoothies that have balanced nutrition and are actually fairly yummy- i've seen them everywhere from cvs to gas stations.

        Orgain and Svelte are newer brands of protein smoothies that are refridgerated and can be found at whole foods and like supermarkets.

        I would advise you keep snacks in your handbag as well as your desk/car/whatever such as a jar of peanut butter, crackers, dried fruit and nut mix, a few bars, and those instant oatmeal packets (trader joes makes a version without funky ingredients- two packets plus a gob of nut butter is a solid meal in five or fewer minutes)

        1. Babybel cheeses, or The Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Both can survive at room temp for a few hours (I used to carry the Babybels around in my diaper bag as emergency snacks for the kids). Back-to-Nature brand has individual packages of crackers (like Cheese-Its and Wheat Thins, without any additives).

          Low-fat Triscuits are a pretty healthy for a cracker too, just wheat, salt, and oil.

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            This. And I like String cheese. They can survive outside the fridge for a bit, too.

          2. Nuts keep a little bag in your glovey.

            Little cans of flavoured tuna. Cost a buck and tons of protein and healthy fat. Some can eat right out of a can or buy a cheap salad at dell and throw in on.

            Tuna salad w/crackers from costco.

            Couple pieces of cheese.


            Protein bars.