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Feb 12, 2014 10:31 AM

two broke girls

ok stated to watch this because of the cupcake shop is one of those "cant watch without mom " shows annnyway.. One episode Caroline gets stoodup so she and her roommate Max take their reservation to the hot new restraunt. It was an ironic stuck up place where one watrisse didnt bring food but sashayed in vintage "1981" clothing and stoicly said her nake was York and there was sawdust on the floor. The drinks were libations and it appeared to take its self far too seriously and its diners far too much for granted...
Is this what new dining has become? pretention and gimicks

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  1. Hardly. It's what tv executives are pawning off on the American viewers. Lousy premise, lousy comedy and the cupcakes deserve better.

    1. Not familiar with the show (looked dreadful), but please explain "her nake was York".

      I don't have a clue what that means.

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      1. re: linguafood

        her name was York... not myself today weird how some of my typos just go right over your head...

        1. re: girloftheworld

          Well, my brains don't seem to be working all that well, either. I s'pose I coulda figgered that one out had I given it more thought.

          Thx for clarifying, tho '-)

      2. I'm very fond of 2 Broke Girls, but it is a sitcom, not a documentary. That trendy restaurant in Williamsburg you saw does not actually exist. No one is really keeping a horse outside her ground floor apartment. And you won't find any ex-SNL actors working the register at a greasy spoon (as far as I know).

        @linguafood: The waitress at the trendy restaurant (which is called "Harlow and Daughters," to parody Marlow and Sons) introduces herself by saying "Hello, my name is York." She's asked whether that's "York, as in New?" and answers "York as in York. Just York."

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          well I knowww it is a sit com.. but is the imitation... what "it" dining has become ( in less broad comic terms) after all we have a restraunt that brings the check in old pulp novels...why?

          1. re: girloftheworld

            As they are saying, it is a comedy show. And I had no idea what you meant by "nake" either, except that I thought it had to do with being naked perhaps; of course where the York came in, I gave up at that point.

            1. re: coll

              I had no idea either. I have a hard time with misspellings, text speak, multiple typo's and poor grammar. It takes me a while to think about it and figure it out! The more I text, the better I get at figuring it out more quickly. Practice :)

              Why should sit coms representing a trendy food scene be any different or more realistic than representing any other aspect of American life? It is all a bunch of shit. Save your soul...I selective about what you watch or.....don't watch it ;)

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                The problem with poor grammar and numerous misspellings is not that they somehow fail to meet expectations of rigid pedants, but that they impede the point of writing, which is to communicate an idea. I also think of good usage as good manners: I don't want to people to have to struggle to understand what I write, because when I post, it is essentially a request to listen to what I have to say. Why make it more difficult?

                Meanwhile: '2 Broke Girls' is a sitcom whose relevance is so dated, it almost seems like a piece of performance art. The critiques of Brooklyn culture seem facile to me-- more laziness than anything. I mean, cupcakes? And anti-hipster jabs that fail to dig deeper than 'Look at that hipster' are almost as played as hipsters. (Although that said, the tumblr with the similar premise was pretty good- http://lookatthisfuckinghipster.tumbl...) Same with the sex and race jokes, which seem more thrilled with their naughtiness than actually aiming for anything humour can actually do with a topic. That said, I do like Eric Andre and think he's a welcome presence on any programme.

          2. It's fictional and exaggerated, the bread and butter of sitcoms. With cheap laughs, to boot. You want cleverly- written, well-acted shows referencing dining? Watch reruns of Frasier.

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            1. re: greygarious

              i do like the re-runs of Frasier -in fact I also have them on DVD.... why is it I have things on DVD yet seem to only watch on re-runs?

              1. re: greygarious

                Can't top Frasier, really. But the current wonderful TV comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine has a really funny character, Boyle, who is a NYC police detective who is also an obsessed food blogger. Right now he's just gotten engaged to an academic food historian (played by Marilu Henner!) who's written a book called Stone Fruits and Stone Stones : Food of the Paleolithic Era. "The trick is, you really have to lean in to the dirt taste."
                During their first kiss, Boyle pulled a shiso leaf out of his pocket and pushed it into her mouth, just to add umami taste to the kiss.

              2. love two broke girls! Your 13 from another thread!? I hope you don't get half the jokes on there! I missed that episode but yes it sounds like a couple places i know.

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                  ya- it has brought up some interesting mom and me talks