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Feb 12, 2014 10:23 AM

Fresh Produce near Bethany Beach

Where are your favorite sources of seasonal locally-grown produce in the Bethany Beach or Rehoboth Beach areas? I’m going to be living in Bethany for the summer and would like to find a reliable place to buy produce. Thank you for the help!

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  1. Kate, You're in luck. There are wonderful farmers' markets in the Delaware beach area.

    This is the website for 2013; check back closer to summer for updates. Click on the county link and scroll down to Sussex County. There's a Bethany market, but I'm not familiar with it. The Rehoboth and Lewes markets have wonderful reputations (and attendant crowds). These are the weekly community-sponsored markets.

    In addition you'll find lots of local farmers who set up stands along the side of the road or sometimes in more permanent structures. One large-scale example of this is Fifer's Market on Route 1 just north of Dewey Beach. I doubt you'll have to drive that far north for your produce, though. But if you do, note that Fifer's is closed on Sundays. A few miles farther north on the northbound side of Route 1 is Tomato Sunshine -- reliably good and open 7 days a week.

    Lucky you to be living in Bethany for the summer!

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      The Bethany market has all the basics. Definitely worth a visit. Lewes is probably the best market down there, but as long as you can get local peaches, berries, tomatoes, corn, lettuces...what's not to like?

      Fenwick Island has a market too. You'll probably see the same farmers at most of the markets, so depending on what day of the week you need something, there should be a market open.