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Hunt for the Best Calzone

Alright everybody, it's time we stop messing around and have a serious and up to date discussion about the artfully crafted calzones of this fine metropolis. All my recent endeavors have taken me to places that were either once good and have gone downhill or have been recommended to me by people who do not truly understand the nature of a high class calzone. The requirments are simple. Great bread, stuffed to the seams and of course, extremely cheesy. So now I turn it to you, the fine people of this board to assist me in finding Gods one true gift to us: the calzone.

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  1. My favorite is the eggplant calzone from Pizza King in Lawrence, MA.
    Family owned since 1954.

    1. What have you tried that you did not like...I mean, where?

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        Mostly I've tried places in the Malden and Allston areas and really I've only found one calzone that tickles my fancy. It's Nana's Pizza of Everett but I know that can't be the best. There must be a king calzone out there somewhere. All the one's I've had mostly resemble what Kari S. described as a folded pizza.

      2. I am partial to the ricotta/ham/salami calzone at Gallaria Umberto. Their spinach, spinach and cheese, and spinach, sausage and cheese, are also quite nice. I also like the Italian meats and cheese calzone at Imperial Pizza in Brighton Center, the only other thing I order there apart from the Sicilian pizza.

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          never had their calzones but their pizza sure is the bees knees

        2. Anyone around here do a deep fried version? So lucious, so gooey, so artery clogging....

          1. I like the Italian cold cut calzone at the Brown Jug in Chelsea.

            1. I am curious to see which recommendations involve more ricotta than mozzarella. In the NY area when I was growing up, calzones tended to be like that (in other words, they weren't just a wrapped up slice of pizza), and strombolis had more mozarella than ricotta, so that they would erupt like the eponymous volcano through the slits. I prefer my calzones on that lighter side.

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                I had the ricotta type in upstate NY, it was pretty horrible, just a wet greasy mess

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                  Then it wasn't done right. The ricotta has to be drained and pressed. Done right, it's a marvel of delicacy.

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                    I believe you, this was a poorly made disaster!

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                      Ha. If I want a folded slice of pizza, it's something I can do on my own!

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                  First time I ordered a calzone here, I didn't know I had to ask for ricotta, since I was used to the NY style that just comes with it.

                3. I loved the calzone at Il Panino Express that used to be on Mass Av between Central and Harvard. Anyone know of one like that?

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                    Il Panino Express reopened on Centre St in Jamaica Plain near Columbus Ave. I haven't been since the move.

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                      I used to love their spinach and cheese calzone. I miss it.

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                        Looks like the JP location might fit the bill... I will try it


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                          Please report back. I've been meaning to get over there.

                    2. I really dig the sausage parm calzone at Alfredo's in East Somerville. The steak and cheese is also pretty damn good.

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                        I just looked up Alfredo's. Not much on the calzone specifically but the pizza sure got rave reviews. This might be my next attempt

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                          It is basically the folded pizza style you mentioned above, give it a try and let us know what you think.

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                          matt, are you referring to the sausage, onion and pepper one on their menu? does that have marinara sauce in it too?is their eggplant parm good? IYO, does one of these calzone feed one or two hungry people? thx! we'd like to stop there soon.


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                            All very valid questions. This is the type of hard hitting investigation we need.

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                              I haven't tried the sausage, onion and pepper. I have tried the sandwich there though and wasn't a fan, so didn't bother to give the calzone a try.

                              The one I am referring to is the sausage parm. It has cheese, sausage and marinara sauce. My wife who has a pretty standard appetite can barely eat half of one, my on the other hand can polish off the whole order, but sometimes regret it afterwards ; )

                          2. I haven't had it for a while, but the calzone from Sabatino's in Arlington used to be quite good with lots of ricotta offerings. Their small is quite large and the large is enormous. Ask for the 4-cheese filling and whatever else you want in it.

                            Also, the spinach calzone from Fiorella's Express in Belmont is good if you make sure you get some parm or romano cheese in with the ricotta so the filling isn't under seasoned. We ask for an extra side of their delicious red sauce. They also have chicken parm or meatball calzones that are tasty but not the ricotta-filled style that you are looking for.

                            1. Armando's on Huron Ave in Cambridge- with extra sauce on the side.

                              1. I know its not Boston area but the Brickhouse in Chelmsford has a very delicious calzone, you can order it with Ricotta added. I always do this and it is incredible. They also have a shop in Tyngboro

                                1. My folks used to get takeout calzones from a place somewhere south end/northeastern area back in the late 90s. A large was almost too big to fit diagonal in a large pizza box. They were amazing and the takeout menu had a list of ingredients with checkboxes for you to create your own combination. I have no idea if the place is still there but I still dream about those calzones

                                  1. I always go to PICCO - I think the bread is the best.

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                                      Just yesterday I had a very steamy, hot, saucy calzone from Sabatino's, Waltham.

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                                        At the risk of sounding snarky, what was in your calzone, what type of sauce did they serve, did it have the much-wished for ricotta, and how would you rate it?