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Feb 12, 2014 10:12 AM

Hunt for the Best Calzone

Alright everybody, it's time we stop messing around and have a serious and up to date discussion about the artfully crafted calzones of this fine metropolis. All my recent endeavors have taken me to places that were either once good and have gone downhill or have been recommended to me by people who do not truly understand the nature of a high class calzone. The requirments are simple. Great bread, stuffed to the seams and of course, extremely cheesy. So now I turn it to you, the fine people of this board to assist me in finding Gods one true gift to us: the calzone.

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  1. My favorite is the eggplant calzone from Pizza King in Lawrence, MA.
    Family owned since 1954.

    1. What have you tried that you did not like...I mean, where?

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      1. re: Madrid

        Mostly I've tried places in the Malden and Allston areas and really I've only found one calzone that tickles my fancy. It's Nana's Pizza of Everett but I know that can't be the best. There must be a king calzone out there somewhere. All the one's I've had mostly resemble what Kari S. described as a folded pizza.

      2. I am partial to the ricotta/ham/salami calzone at Gallaria Umberto. Their spinach, spinach and cheese, and spinach, sausage and cheese, are also quite nice. I also like the Italian meats and cheese calzone at Imperial Pizza in Brighton Center, the only other thing I order there apart from the Sicilian pizza.

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        1. re: kimfair1

          never had their calzones but their pizza sure is the bees knees

        2. Anyone around here do a deep fried version? So lucious, so gooey, so artery clogging....

          1. I like the Italian cold cut calzone at the Brown Jug in Chelsea.