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Feb 12, 2014 09:47 AM

Where to buy Air-Chilled chicken breasts for less than $7.99 per lb?

Whole Foods sells Bell & Evan's Air-Chilled chicken breasts for $7.99 per lb. They're very rarely on sale.

A) Where could you find the same brand of Air-Chilled chicken breasts for less than $7.99 per lb? I check Gristedes, but they don't even carry it.

B) Are there any other brands that sell chicken that's Air-Chilled? It seems that Bell & Evan's is the only one that's sold--or at least that's easy to find.

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  1. That's actually a perfectly reasonable price for quality air-chilled. If you're buying boneless you can always buy bone-in instead which costs less. If you're already buying bone-in, check a few butchers - Ottomanelli & Sons on Bleecker Street is good (not to be confused with Ottomanelli Brothers uptown)

    You can also use the Bell & Evans Chicken-Finder Page: http://www.bellandevans.com/location/

    1. http://www.bellandevans.com/fresh

      Put in your zip code and it will show you which stores carry their products.

      1. What is it about "air-chilled" chicken breasts that is causing to seek them out? I would be more concerned with the chicken being organic and pastured.

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          Aside from the fact that air chilling is said to inhibit bacteria, it also results in better taste and texture because the chicken does not retain water as it does from the water chilling process.

        2. Union Market sells Smart Chicken, also air-chilled: https://www.cafetecumseh.com/smartchi...

          1. I just got them on sale for $3.99 a lb. today at Whole Foods. These were split with skin and on the bone.

            This was at the Port Chester store, but I think they have the same weekly sales in the Manhattan stores.