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food related destinations

Will be in Philly from Fri to Sun. One lunch will be John's roast pork. Dinners are at Vetri and Serpico. On Sunday, we'll probably go to Reading Terminal in the morning and then depart. What are some food related attractions that we can check out (markets or food shops)?

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  1. What time of the year are you coming ? There are some outdoor farmers markets open if it is late spring or summer. The farmers market at Headhouse Square is great on Sundays if you are here during the right time of year.

    DeBruno's in Center City is a high end food/cheese shop.

    A trip to the Italian Market might be worthwhile where cheese, butchers, and bakers abound.

    And you cannot miss the wonderful State run liquor stores <sarcasm off>.

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      March 7-9. I've always gone to RTM on Sunday just because it's the only thing open early and it's the last stop before we head home.

      Will check out DiBruno and possibly Claudio. Will swing by Italian Market.

      What about outside city center?

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        Second DiBruno's. It's a total must every time we're in town.

        Oh, to be locked in that store with 10 of my closest friends for a week.

        We'd be whales by the time we get out :-)

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          Third DiBruno's. You may want to check out their Rittenhouse store too. It's much bigger and carries a lot more things.

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            Is this the Chestnut location or is there another one nearby that I've missed all these years?

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              No, Chestnut St, Italian Market and now 9th and Chestnut!

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                Ah, gotcha! Can't wait to be back late March!!! Wooot.

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                  And there's a mini-one in the basement of Comcast if you are in the area...

      2. If you hit the RTM on Sunday, all the Mennonite/Amish stands are closed.

        1. Talula's Daily in the Washington Square area is a fun place for wine and cheese. I'm blanking on other suggestions besides those added below. Reading Terminal and the Italian Market are the big two and DiBruno's is the cleaner, upscale experience.

          1. you should go get bread at High Street on Market.

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              You may want to double check on Reading Terminal Market's website as the date gets closer, but since the dates you are visiting coincide with the Flower Show, the Amish merchants may be open that Sunday.

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                I checked and the Amish will not be there that Sunday so your food options will be slightly diminished. If it were me I would try to go to the Market on Friday or Saturday to get the whole experience but if you can only go on Sunday they still have a lot of good food options.

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                  I would be shocked, shocked I say, if the Amish/Mennonite stands would be open on a Sunday ever.

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                  Really best bread currently in Philadelphia available for purchase.

                3. Off the beaten path. http://www.krakusmarket.com it is about 3 miles from center city.
                  http://www.phillyphoodie.com/2013/01/... in Chinatown
                  Or this http://www.maidookini.com/e/index.htm, outside of the city, but has a shuttle!
                  And yes, Claudio's and DiBruno's in the Italian Market DiBrunos does more all around gourmet, Claudio's more Italian. Also Mancuso's down on East Passyunk Ave for fresh mozzarella and ricotta (made there)

                  1. You gotta have a sandwich at Paesano's on 9th street in the Italian market. Liveracce. Awesome!

                    1. what about touring yards brewing company? awesome beer, free tours!


                      on the delaware river slightly north of center city

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                          actually haven't been to the brewery yet, i've been meaning to go forever. im assuming you'd end up with a sample. even if there aren't- im sure it is still worth it. i recommend the brawler.

                          (you can also get yards all over town, so if you don't end up doing the tour at least make sure to order one!)

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                            I don't know for sure about Yards, but Philadelphia Brewing Company (which I generally prefer to Yards) definitely has free samplers for all visitors on Saturday afternoons.

                            It's a little less convenient to get to, but if you are interested in a brewery, worth the trip.

                        2. Any thoughts on the following attractions? 3 days/2 nights

                          Yards Brewing
                          Philadelphia Brewing

                          Italian Market
                          DiBruno Bros


                          Sugarhouse (I like blackjack)
                          Krakus Market

                          Roast Pork
                          John's Roast Pork
                          Tony Luke's


                          Franklin Mtg
                          Hop Sing
                          Strangeloves - craft beer

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                            Get a cheesesteak at John's Roast Pork (in addition to the pork). Skip Campo's.

                            1. re: Philly Ray

                              Skip both breweries. Nothing special from a tour standpoint. For beer spend more time at Phillys gastropubs and craft beer bars including Monks, Khyber Pass, South Philly Tap Room, Standard Tap Alla SPina Brauhaus Schmidtz.

                              You didnt mention the Reading Terminal. If you are going to have one roast pork and having it allows you to go to RTM.. go to DiNics and spend more time at Reading Terminal.

                              Cheesesteaks - I take the Nancy Reagan approach .. just say no.

                              For creative cocktails- Hop Sing, Frankling Motgage are both good.

                              Dining - Vetri is top of the line.. your cost is 200 plus for dinner.. if you dont want to spend that (no a la carte there) go elsewhere.

                              Serpico .. if you like Momofukuk Ssam asian fusion go here. If not choose another place.

                              Other places to consider Vernick, Fork, Osteria or Amis (if you are not going to Vetri), and Avance.

                              Krakus Market is not in Fishtown its in Port Richmond. If you dont have a car, dont go there.

                              Our casinos suck. Save your money for Vegas.

                              My two cents..

                            2. re: Worldwide Diner

                              I'm feeling stuffed, just from reading that list.

                              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                                How many places do you actually plan to visit? I can't imagine you'll be eating 3 roast porks and 2 cheesesteaks along with everything else you have listed but maybe I'm wrong.

                                I should have said this the first time you posted, but better late than never: skip Vetri. It's way overpriced, way past its prime. You can do a lot better and spend a lot less at any number of other places. It wouldn't be on my top 20 list even if the price was 25% of what it is. Serpico is very good. Other places you're better off than Vetri include Vedge, Vernick, Serpico, Zahav, and Fork.

                                I agree you should skip the brewery tours, there just isn't much to see unless you've never been inside a brewery, in which case, Yards makes better beers and if memory serves, they give you some freebies on the tour.

                                DiBruno's and Claudio's are nice but they won't keep you occupied very long. If you plan to visit the Italian Market area I'd range a little further afield and also try to visit Termini's bakery for a freshly filled cannoli (not in the Italian Market but nearby), D'Angelo Bros., maybe also Fiorella's (not much use if you can't store or cook the sausage but it's fun to look inside), the Spice Corner, and Fante's. The tortilleria at the corner of 9th and Carpenter has free samples of tortillas and salsa. Paesano's is there too, I'd get lunch there one day.

                                Skip the cheesesteak entirely unless you're prepared to travel to the Great Northeast and go to Steve's and/or Joe's, which are the only two cheesesteaks in the city worth eating. My favorite roast pork in the city is Paesano's Arista but the three you mention are all really good too.

                                Drinks: If your reason for going to Monk's is for Belgian beers, go right ahead. Otherwise, I'd skip it in favor of the Khyber Pass, Brauhaus Schmitz, SPTR. Hop Sing over Franklin Mortgage for me, they're both worth visiting but Hop Sing has the clear edge in atmosphere, drinks, and service.

                                1. re: Buckethead

                                  I'm traveling with a food buddy. We'll split everything pretty much. We'll probably try the 3 roast porks but skip the cheesesteaks. He also wants to try Slice Pizza, is it good? Thems the lunches.

                                  We're coming from DC. Vetri is why we're coming. I've been to Zahav and I've been to Momofuku Ko. I've looked at the menus of Fork and Vernick. They're all good, but Vetri is legendary.

                                  I've been to Guinness and Heineken. Brewery tours are to drink and kill time. And I think we'll do Brauhouse for a pretzel.

                                  1. re: Worldwide Diner

                                    OK, I hope your Vetri meal is a lot better than mine!

                                    Slice is fine but if you're just visiting I'd do something else for lunch: Paesano's if you didn't plan on visiting it otherwise, or lunch at Kanella. I still haven't been to Nomad for pizza but others here rave about it. The food at Brauhaus is pretty good too, lunch there would be worth your while.

                                    1. re: Buckethead

                                      Bucket head's view in no way represents the view of the entire board with regard to Vetri

                                      1. re: Bigley9

                                        I was going to say the same thing. Some people on the board are passionately anti-Vetri.

                                        But other people on the board, in Philly, and nationally think Vetri is the best restaurant in Philly. I loved it. Is it the best value to be had? Perhaps not.

                                        Serpico is completely different than Momofuko Ko. MK is a fun adventure, but I'd rather eat regularly at Serpico. So I don't think that should be a reason to rule it out.

                                        1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                                          Adding my two cents, I think Vetri is very good. However, I have (as have many on this board) dined many times at Vetri since it opened. I liked it better then. For one thing, I think the insistence on the prix fixe during the week is a greed-based decision. When it was a la carte, we spent plenty--but it was our choice. I doubt anyone came just for appetizers! He wasn't losing money. The last time we were there was a Saturday night. Despite the fact that we were given the best two-top in the house and the service was excellent, it was somewhat disappointing. Very expensive and less choice. As an aside (and I know many will disagree) I don't enjoy going out for a special evening and seeing others in jeans. Perhaps the message is "we drop this kind of dough every night", but for me it lessened the experience. Same thing happened at The French Laundry (only one other table) but, to be honest, I was thrilled to be there and nothing could ruin the experience for me. Vetri is not in the same league, however much it is lauded. As Buckethead said, you can do very well in this city for less.

                                          1. re: JanR

                                            "I doubt anyone came just for appetizers!"

                                            When they switched to prix fixe, I remember reading an article where it was mentioned that there were patrons who would come in and just order a plate of spinach gnocchi...and nothing else.

                                            1. re: Philly Ray

                                              I did not know that. I will say, however, that the gnocchi was the only thing that blew me away at our last visit. Joey Baldino does them just as well at Zeppoli, however. And, yes, I know where he learned how.

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                                  If you're going to Port Richmond for Krakus Market I'd include a few other stops - Marian's for really good pączki and Baltic bakery for excellent rye bread and good babka. (I'd go to Czerw's too but just because I love their sausage and they're incredibly nice people)