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May 24, 2006 08:37 PM

The Tillerman Restaurant: any good?

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I’m looking for a restaurant with some private dinning areas and came across The Tillerman restaurant in Las Vegas (just off the main strip I believe). Anyone heard of this restaurant? Any good?


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  1. We went there several years ago, based on a concierge's recommendation. We thought it was just so-so, but maybe it wasn't such a great idea to go to a fish restaurant in the middle of the desert!

    BTW, I wouldn't call it "just off the strip"--it's about 3 miles off the strip.

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      jack spencer

      We have been going for years and it always has been fantastic. We have had company parties and anniversarys there and the staff has always gone the extra mile. The wine list is extensive and food is great.This is one of the best restaurants in Vegas on or off the Strip. It has been supported by the locals since it opened. You won't be disappointed.

      1. I first went there on my honeymoon(in 1981 when it was fairly new), and whenever I have a chance to go back, I don't let it go by. One of the best dining experiences you'll ever have. A bit pricey, but worth it.

        1. Hi we just went and really enjoyed it. It's a bit of a 80's time wrap place, but in a good comforting way. Continental cuisine. We had their unique house salad (served on a lazy susan tray) and the filet, which was delicious. Nothing earth shattering, but solid. Very attentive and warm service. If you're in the mood to dine off the strip (it's a bit of a drive), it's a fun choice popular with locals.