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Feb 12, 2014 09:22 AM

Buttermillk Drop....How did I miss this?

Is it true? Is there a such a thing as a Buttermilk Drop donut thing?

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  1. Umm, yeah. It was a very popular item at the late, lamented McKenzie's chain of local bakeries....and it is the signature item at Henry's Buttermilk Drop, a cafe/bakery helmed by Dwight Henry....who played the father of the young lead actress in "Beasts of the Southern Wild". If you missed the publicity, you either weren't in NOLA or you live in a box under the Broad Street overpass. (Though you can probably get wi-fi under the Broad St overpass, so chances are, those people knew about buttermilk drops.)

    Here's Henry's Buttermilk Drop website:

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Last time we were in NO we went to Henry's Buttermilk Drop it was worth the trip. OK food but amazing atmosphere.

      1. re: ibew292

        Very sketchy neighborhood. Did you happen to notice the police car parked nearby?

        1. re: JazzyB

          Yes there were Police Cars around. Scetchy?? I think not. It was working class,I'm not looking for trouble and I don't find it.

          1. re: ibew292

            It's nice that you feel comfortable in that environment. I don't.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Don't Police cars always mean good donuts :). Didn't mean to start a conversation about the neighbors in New Orleans. Saw an article on GONOLA regarding Buttermilk Drops and thought perhaps it was a local treat like Hubigs Pies (sigh). Anyone have any news regarding Hubigs rebuilding? I thought that they were approved for a property farther out from the original in the Bywater/Marginy months ago? I still have 3, but only 3 Hubigs left in my freezer, vac wrapped, that we bought in July 2012, a week before the fire.

              1. re: ktmtp

                Don't tell anyone your address! Like Dollar Bill, keep the valuables in the freezer.

                On one of the WWNO radio programs the owners advised that they were still moving forward. They had to have parts custom made for the original pie machine and there is the usual documentation, funding, etc grind.

                He didn't want to be pinned to a date but he sort of indicated they are looking at 2015.

            2. re: ibew292

              ibew - agreed. i dont live far from there; i find a lot of white people from the more suburban locations arent comfortable when a neighborhood is different than their own, and by different i mean poor, less-white, run-down, etc. same when i lived in san diego where the more hispanic working neighborhoods were scary (but also home to some great food). sure poverty invites crime, but anybody who thinks theyre going to get mugged parking their car for donuts lives in a terrible world of fear and probably should remain safe at home in the panic room.

      2. Thanks for the clarification Celeste.

        1. New Orleans area Tastee Donuts offer "McKenzie's" buttermilk drops as well.

          1. OMG it is a must-have. The Donut Hole in LaPlace is very good. They also have historic pictures for you to check out while you wait for your order (which is not long).

            1. The buttermilk drop bakery recently opened a second location on airline hwy in Metairie close to the airport. I stopped in last week and picked up a kingcake...Yummy.

              I have not made it the original location so I have nothing to compare it to(other than the one buttermilk drop from their booth at FQfest) but I will make this my place to pick up donuts in the kenner/met area.
              7801 Airline Hwy Met, La 70003

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              1. re: RoxRan0804

                Funny you mention the other location. I noticed it a few weeks back and went in and it was good. I went to the original location yesterday and asked how the Airline Hwy location was doing and they said it wasn’t their store. Someone just stole the name. Same thing happened to Nacho Mama’s years ago when a guy opened Nacho Mama’s Burritos and Wraps in Hammond. Not much you can do about it. It would just cost you a lot of money in legal fees and you may or may not win.