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Feb 12, 2014 09:15 AM

Weekend in Phoenix!

Hey guys, I will be in Phoenix this weekend, and while it is work, I would love to eat some great things there. I love a good burger, hot dog.. But can do anything. I did bianco several years ago, so no need again. Is there any area where most bars are? What are some special things? I hear great things about Phoenix! Thank you !

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  1. Where in Phoenix?
    Car or no car?
    Phoenix is not quite as spread out as LA but it does cover a lot of geography.
    Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?
    All of the above?

    1. Since you asked about bars, you'll be here for Arizona Cocktail Week which kicks off with the Cocktail Carnival Saturday night. Lots of bars are participating with cocktail specials and events. Always a great time. I've registered for 3 days of seminars and have plans/tickets for the Crudo Tequila Fortaleza dinner, Top Bars of the Nation, and Last Slinger Standing competition. Events list:

      1. A great burger can be found at Delux. Although "gourmet" burgers can be found almost everywhere in Phoenix these days, they often use commodity ingredients and are simply overpriced. Delux uses Niman Ranch beef, has a great beer selection, and is open late.
        Another favorite burger of mine is at St. Francis - their French onion burger. Brioche, gruyere, smoked bacon, and onions.
        If you are available on Saturday afternoon (they close at 4pm, I think), hit up Rito's in the Garfield district of downtown Phoenix. It's located in a residential neighborhood and has been around forever. Outstanding green chili burritos. It's amazing soupy green chili inside a tortilla. If you think you might have trouble eating liquid in a burrito without making a complete mess, then get it enchilada style so you can fork and knife it.
        A couple blocks away from Rito's is Playa Hermosa. It's a fantastic Mexican seafood restaurant. Ceviches, campenchana, fish and everything else is fantastic here.
        Unique hot dogs can be found at Sit and Stay on Roosevelt and 1st Street. It's the brick and mortar incarnation of the short leash food truck. Very creative and inventive hot dog creations.
        Other great places are Welcome Diner, Federal Pizza, La Piazza Locale, Bink's Midtown, Gallo Blanco, Vovomeena, Barrio Café, The Vig Fillmore (drink on their patio), Jobot (coffee and a crepe on the patio), and Tuck Shop.

        Depending on when the last time you were in town, there are a whole lot of new spots (both bars and restaurants) in the central Phoenix and downtown area.