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Feb 12, 2014 08:40 AM

Green meadows in Colts neck

Anyone have any experience here? I know this town is not known for restaurants but I hear the food is pretty decent and the place has some charisma (it is pretty darn old)

I believe Gene is the owner and is always there making sure things are right.

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  1. {{crickets.......crickets........crickets}}

    I live in fairly close proximity to this place and I pass it often, I never see anything besides the one Cadillac Sedan Deville in the parking lot. I do not know one person who has EVER been here. I'm not expecting much response to this one.

    Take one for the team CJ! Try their steak! lol

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    1. re: jrvedivici

      yeah I didn't expect to get much action on this one. I will get there one day soon. I believe it is mainly colts neck people there since it is a little off the beaten path.

    2. The only time I recall reading about Green Meadows was this ancient thread and unfortunately neither comment addressed the food (2008)

      I've never been.

      1. The food is more than pretty good. The sauces are high end. The chef here knows his stuff. I think there's a review on Best deal is Friday night. 50% off your food bill. Cool 50s decor

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        1. re: attheshore

          wow 50% off is nice. I assume that it is quite crowded? A coworker of mine said the food there is very good so that was why I ran it by you guys.