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Feb 12, 2014 08:39 AM

Best Bunch Places in Miami

So I am visiting family from NYC.... looking for an idea for a brunch place with a group of 6 people (My family). I have looked around here and have not found a place that seems like the right fit ... Last time i took my family to Perricones in Brickell, I honestly didnt like it... I think its over rated... Also living in NYC makes me a picky eater, yeap I am a foodie...

Please help? I am looking for a place with these characteristics: Good food and great ambiance.

Happy Valentines day!!!

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  1. Perricones is very good but not outstanding.....since you're from NYC your expectations might be skewed given your natural prejudices, we may not have a place down here that will suffice.....

    From what I understand....(and anyone can chime in)....Yardbird has an outstanding brunch.....and great ambiance....

    Hopefully others will chime in and offer help.....But like I tell my NYC friends.....bagels and pizza always taste best where you first eat them.....And I tell them NYC is 1,200 miles up I95 and we don't care how they do it up

    Ft. Pierce, FL

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      I know you are only kidding, sort of, but please accept my apologies on behalf of my fellow New Yorkers that have insulted local cuisine. We do not all feel that way, I personally have eaten a ton of great food over the years and am never at a loss for excellent meals.This is from a native New Yorker with over 100 years of family history "in the city" as we say.
      Oh by the way, I love Michael's Genuine and every trip I make to South Florida that includes a Sunday I am out on the patio. I often get a second dessert to take back for later that day. My kids think all Pop Tarts should taste like the ones I bring them from Michael's. Shrimp and grits, kimchi benedict, wood oven double yolk ( when not over cooked) duck confit hash and breakfast pizza. Probably all the desserts,interesting juice selection and perfect Panther coffee....

    2. I don't know that Perricone's is overrated, since I don't hear many people raving about it, but maybe I'm not looking in the same places.

      Anyway ... Michael's Genuine does an excellent brunch and when it's not too warm it's nice to sit out on the patio (though all the Design District construction puts something of a damper on that). I also think PB Steak on the Beach does a good brunch. Eating House in Coral Gables is a lot of fun. Other places to consider would include Zuma (never been but hear good things for those who like the expensive but AYCE style rather than a la carte); Edge Steak in the Four Seasons; Josh's Deli in Surfside; Blue Collar on Biscayne; the Federal, also on Biscayne; Tongue & Cheek on the Beach.

      1. You may want to consider Restaurant Michael Schwartz at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach. They have many of the same great brunch items from Michael's Genuine, but served in a beautiful outdoor, poolside setting.

        1. We love Michael's Genuine and Yardbird (off Lincoln Rd in South Beach) for brunch.

          1. If you decide to go to sobe, I would do PB Steak or Macchialina.