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Feb 12, 2014 08:04 AM

No boil cannelloni or lasagna sheets in bergen county

Anyone know where I can purchase no boil or fresh pasta sheets in bergen county?

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  1. Vitamia & Sons in Lodi sells full sheets of pasta for lasagna. They are located at 206 Harrison Ave. While I have never used their full lasagna sheets, I have often purchased their home made ravioli, gnocchi, and manicotti and they are delish! I would think that the lasagna sheets would be good for cannelloni, but I think they would be too thick for use in homemade ravioli. (though you could always use a rolling pin to thin it out to proper thickness)

    1. I would think some of the specialty places would have them -- like a Vitamia or other Italian specialty shops. I think I've even seen them in some of the deli's -- Dante's, Jerry's, etc.

      1. I always make lasagna with barilla pasta sheets. Just don't cook them first--comes out great.