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Feb 12, 2014 07:45 AM

Osso Buco

Who has the best Osso Buco in Houston?

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  1. I've never had Osso Bucco in a restaurant but the family owned non-chain Carrabba's on Kirby does a Wednesday night special served over risotto. It's not cheap, 30 bucks, but if it's as good as a short rib special I had there I'd give it a shot. We were there a couple of weeks ago and Johnny Carrabba was walking the line and was all business. He looks good by the way, lost a lot of weight and we had a nice chat with him.


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      Piatto, Carrabba's family restaurants.

      Join us for every Wednesday For Osso Buco $26.00

      A braised veal shank, slow roasted for 8 hours and topped with a vegetable red wine reduction, then served over creamy risotto.

    2. Not "Houston" proper of course, but the osso buco at Antonia's in Katy is absolutely wonderful.

      1. This brings to mind this old story:


        And yes, that place is closed now. Frank Triola used to do a really good osso buco at his Azzarelli's, it is also closed. His food was always good, wish he would re-open. Seems his many restaurants rarely last a year for some reason.

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          Frank seems to have a problem paying rent for some reason.

        2. Up restaurant does it on Thursday nights. (3995 Westheimer @ Drexel)

          1. Haven't had it in enough places to say what's the best, but it's very good and very decently priced at Paulie's (diner on Westheimer) on Thursday. Can choose to have it over gnocchi or risotto, and I predictably choose the latter.