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Feb 12, 2014 07:32 AM

Where can I buy flaky salt?

Often in cooking shows, they use that kind of salt. I haven't seen it in the regular supermarkets.

Where plzthx?

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  1. Look for Maldon salt; it is British.

    It should be available at most "Épicerie Fines" in town; if not than surely at "Olives & Épices" at Marché Jean-Talon.


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    1. This is often available at spice stores like the ones on Monkland and at JT and Atwater markets. I sometimes see a brand called Maldon sold in a small box.

      1. Maldon salt is available at IGA and other regular grocery stores often for cheaper than the stores mentioned above. If you do go to Olives et Epice or one of the other fine stores in town ask them the exact question you ask here and they will show you a world of salts.

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          Maldon salt is everywhere, now. I've seen it in Loblaws IGA, Adonis and every gourmet shop in town. It's quite trendy.

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            It is even sold in cute little metal containers so that you can bring your own premium salt to restaurants, etc.