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Feb 12, 2014 06:56 AM

Real Scottish smoked kippers?

I'm looking for a store in/near Van. that sells authentic Scottish smoked kippers imported from Scotland.
NOT the puny little frozen stinky things I can get in plastic in my local grocery store. I want the LARGE smoked ones we used to have back in my childhood. They were wrapped in butcher paper and were about 12" long without the head. Does such a kipper still exist?
Recently saw an old 'Floyd' episode where he visited a Scottish smoke house. The kippers were the size I remember.
Visiting Van. soon and would like to get some.
Thanks for any help

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    1. Peter Black butcher shop in West Van? (it is in park royal SOUTH

      British Butcher Shop(pe) in North Van? (I think they have an outlet in West Van too, on a the blue bus route

      I have never been to this shop, however, they might have some suggestion for you -

      I know my friend would buy me brit stuff in a shop up Lynn Canyon mall area - you'd have to google around to find it - it's in North Van, at the top of "the cut" from the 2nd narrows bridge - above the upper levels. If you get as far west as Lonsdale, you've gone too far.

      have you asked at one of the fish shops on Granville Island - they might have some leads for you.

      I agree with asking at Celtic Treasure Chest - I am sure I've seen frozen product there - it's on Dunbar just north of 41st. Handy little spot.

      I don't know exactly as some of us UK imports to Canada are not keen - however, it's worth a call - maybe they can send you to the source

      edit to add - I see LR already cited the butcher shop - do call the one in Park Royal

      1. Thanks a lot!
        I did call Celtic Treasure and they knew what I was looking for and had the large Scottish smoked kippers.
        I'm picking up a case in a couple of weeks.
        Nothing like them for a Sunday brunch.

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          1. re: Puffin3

            that's great - thx for the follow-up

            - I really like that little Celtic Treasure Chest shop on Dunbar - i go there sometimes for the crackers (biscuits) - cornish wafers! (round ones)

            1. re: Georgia Strait

              My wife's a 'Celt'. I'll bring back some goodies for her to make amends for the smell of the steam-sautéing kippers that WILL permeate the entire house. LOL!
              But OH the flavor! On second thought I'll cook them on the deck.

          2. Just curious did you purchase the large smoked kippers at the Celtic Treasure Chest and were they Neptune whole kippers in a green box?
            Thanks for your reply

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            1. re: bevo

              We haven't been to Van. yet. I'll let you know.
              Tell me more about the Neptune kippers in the green box. Is that a 'good thing' or should I beware? We are for sure going to CTC. I'll know right away if the kippers are the ones I'm looking for.

              1. re: Puffin3

                I don't think you will ever find the kippers you are talking about in B.C. I know exactly and have enjoyed the big fat ones while in Scotlland. The frozen whole kippers that Aberdeen Neptune produce are head on..split to lay flat..bone in and are in a 335gr green box with a picture of kippers on the front of it. They are the closest thing that I can find to the real ones and we have enjoyed them for a few years.

                1. re: bevo

                  Ya, you know the ones I'm referring to.
                  Hopefully the ones in the green box will be close.