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Feb 12, 2014 06:50 AM

Any one know of any good Dim Sum restaurants in San Diego?

Any good Dim Sum places in San Diego?

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  1. My current favorite is China Max. No carts- menu ordering and an upstairs room with a rather nice view on a clear day.

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    1. If you want the "look and point" cart experience, Emerald and Jasmine are OK but nothing more. China Max, with its ordering from the picture menu, ensures that the dishes are more freshly prepared but the selection is hardly as diverse or well made as the high-end dim sum of the SF Bay or the San Gabriel cluster of Chinese restaurants in LA. The lack of good Dim Sum, and of non-Americanized HongKong-centric Chinese food in general, is a soft spot in the San Diego food scene.

        1. The Pearl Chinese Restaurant in Rancho Bernardo also serves Dim Sum. It's decent.

          1. There's not much to choose from for dim sum in San Diego. Of the "Big 3" on Convoy, China Max is probably the best quality, but like others have pointed out, there aren't any carts so it's missing that part of the experience. Emerald and Jasmine are both hit and miss. Food is a little better at Emerald, but Jasmine tends to have more selection.

            Pearl in Rancho Bernardo is run by the same people that own Emerald and is the only option toward North County. Options are limited and prices are high.

            There's a place in Mira Mesa called Hong Kong BBQ and Dim Sum that you should avoid at all costs. It's cafeteria-style with no carts.