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Feb 12, 2014 05:56 AM

District of Pi - Report

Finally got to District of Pi last night. Is this the only deep dish pizza in the area? It was excellent, and it ranks as one of the best pies in the DC area.

I expected it to be very filling, heavy, and starchy, so I was surprised how much i could eat. A large is good for two people. I got one of their pre-conceived pizzas, the Berkeley, chock full of vegetables and mushrooms.

This turns out to be one of the best low-cost options in the Penn Quarter area, and I'm likely to return pretty quickly since I go to the theatre so often.

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  1. Armand's and Bugsys do deep dish, but I couldn't recommend either.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      Back in the day, when they only had the one location (now closed), Armand's was excellent from what I remember. The other locations were a different animal. I have no idea how the original fared after expansion.

      But it was a very heavy pizza. I remember the sign inside that said "don't ask for double cheese, we start off with triple cheese."

      Alberto's in Dupont Circle (is it still there?) makes a deep dish that just tastes wrong, like the crust is made from a compressed paper product.

      1. re: Steve

        Used to work at Armands when I was in college and the pizzas were yummy. Not true Chicago Style but very good eats for what they were. The quality has gone way way down hill in the many (20+...) years since then. Not even worth walking in the place if you ask me.

        Sienna's in Rockville does a true "stuffed" pizza about as close to Chicago Style as youll see here. Its mediocre at best though. And the last time I was there was years ago so I cant even vouch for that now.

    2. It's also a good option for gluten-free thin crust pizza.

      1. We liked it a lot, too, and I think we ordered the same pie. It ranked in our top 3 (of 12) when we did our year of Pizza Research shortly after moving here. I really liked the crust - is that cornmeal on the bottom? Whatever it is, it adds a nice texture. Good beers, too, IIRC.

        Thanks for the report.

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        1. re: VaPaula

          is there somewhere that you have your pizza research published?

          1. re: macsak

            No, no blog or anything - sorry. I'm traveling right now so don't have my notes handy but I know 2 Amy's, Pupatella & Red Rocks came out on top. Sorrisi's (sp?) & Seventh Hill came out on the bottom. I think we used WaPo's best pizza list as a starting point, plus threads from here.

          2. re: VaPaula

            I think the deep dish crust is made of cornmeal (which perhaps is why it seems less heavy to the OP).

            It's a decent lunch spot too because they have a few different types of pie on "express" meaning it's not impossible to get in and out in an hour.

          3. I actually haven't made it to DoP yet, but I lived in St. Louis for several years and frequented their original location often. I think the pizza is way above the deep dishes I've had at various places in Chicago on visits there, but I'm not a native so my appreciation may be limited. The Pi cornmeal crust is great. Looking forward to trying it here sometime.

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            1. re: rachelcp

              District of Pi makes very enjoyable pizzas but in my opinion they are not in the same galaxy as good Chicago based deep dish/stuffed pizzas. But then I prefer mine dense and heavy and monstrously cheesy. Which isnt for everyone. I do enjoy the solid beer selection at D of pi though.

            2. How much would I have left over if I ate there alone? I'm going to see a film at the DC Independent Film Festival Sunday evening and was thinking about eating in town for a change. Hill Country was my first thought because (a) I have been there yet and I like brisket, and (b) it's close to the Navy Memorial Foundation building or whatever it is. But pizza might be nice if there's a reasonable individual size at District of Pi.

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              1. re: MikeR

                They make a 'regular' pie, so you can order for one. Plain is $13, specialties pies are about $16. With pizza for one, you can't take as much advantage of the prices. A large specialty pie for two is $21.

                They also make thin crust pizza, but I did not try that.

                If you go to Hill Country, definitely get the moist brisket. I have not enjoyed their other meats. It is very rich, so you don't need a lot. The temptation is to order more than you need.