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Feb 12, 2014 02:55 AM

New 938 Crawfish in Albany

Pho Huong Nam closed and replaced by 938 Crawfish which has a few Yelp, too good to be believed*, reviews and a comment of glowing praise on M. Bauer's Blog on top places for Dungeness Crab.
*3 very infrequent restaurant reviewers with each using excellent.

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  1. Checked menu on window. Opens at 4pm. Combo 1/2 pound shrimp, crawfish, mussels and clams with garlic noodles, fish and chips and fries about $43. Many single items cheaper but what the heck try almost everything. Lemon pepper and garlic butter sauces single and combined at various spice levels. Will try as soon as I can get a posse.

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      OK. couldn't wait for posse so went for appetizer garlic noodles. At work I have been ejected from the tasting panel after complaining that the tapioca pudding needed more garlic. Not a problem at 938 Crawfish. Fat. al dente noodles with 5 head-on medium shrimp. I saw family with a combo but they didn't pull the pacifier from the infant
      so he/she didn't' get a chance to suck on a shrimp.

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        Minor correction: Combo plus is called the Meal and is $45.95 but also includes fried Oreos.

      2. DOLLAR OYSTERS I'm down