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May 23, 2006 11:08 AM

Restaurants in Boulder

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I will be visiting Boulder the first week in June, and need to entertain some business associates. Any suggestions for restaurants.

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  1. You will find many recomendations on the board for Frasca, I would second those.

    I've never taken business associates out, what are you looking for? Expensive and flashy? Moderate and sedate?

    The Kitchen is good, though I think a little pricey. I love Brasserie 1010, but it might be kind of loud for a business meal. I recently had dessert at Aji and it was great with a nice, unique atmosphere and fabulous service.

    1. Sage's recs are good ones except for Frasca. Aji and the Kitchen are terrific. I'm one of the few voices of reason who think that Frasca is overhyped. If you want to talk biz, not a great place. The noise level can also be really nasty. But, if you want to join the myriad of trendy lemmings, then by all means go to Frasca. Q's in the Boulderado is always exceptional and civilized. The food at the Flagstaff House leaves Frasca in the dust but the prices are in the stratosphere. If you want to impress and have a spectacular dining experience, that would be the place. Mateo would also be a good choice.

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        Zardoz, just because you're not a fan of Frasca's particular approach and food doesn't mean that it's just the domain of "trendy lemmings." The fact that you think Flagstaff House leaves Frasca "in the dust" speaks volumes about your preferences - Frasca is very subtle, nuanced, and region-specific (to the cuisine of northern Italy and Friuli particularly), while Flagstaff House is more of traditional high-end continental cuisine (as is Q's). Fine, it's obvious that you prefer the latter. That doesn't mean that everyone else's preferences are wrong. Frasca does what they do amazingly, spectacularly well - that's why they keep winning awards in the national press and are the go-to restaurant in the front range. And as someone in the Boulder business community, I can tell you that many local entrepreneurs and businesspeople have meetings at Frasca with no problems from the noise.

        No arguments about the view at Flagstaff, though. My personal preference is to have drinks at Flagstaff, admire the view, then drive back down and get what I'd consider a more interesting and thoughtful meal at Kitchen, SALT, Frasca, or Mateo. Just my opinion, though.

      2. It's late for the orignal poster but I'm a big fan of John's - more of a romantic bistro than a business dinner spot but quiet with excellent food.

        1. The Kitchen is fantastic. Don't know about the others mentioned. Great wine list too.

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            IM(very)HO, every one of the restaurants mentioned on this thread are excellent in the price range and style. I am also partial to Arugula and L'Atelier, and Jill's is a good choice for a business dinner as well,. but as Hans noted, it's late for the original post.

            1739 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302