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Feb 11, 2014 09:25 PM

How many mussles are in a peck of mussels?

So, my recipe asks for a peck of mussels. I bought two pounds. Do I need to double the recipe?

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  1. A peck is 8 quarts (=2 gallons). I assume you bought them in their shells. If there's no volume measure on the bag, dump them in a mixing bowl and measure. If it's the size bag I see around here, you don't have enough.

    1. A peck is a measure of volume, and a pound is a measure of weight. So there's no real answer to your question. Do you have about 2 gallons of mussels? That's a peck, give or take. But I think 2 lbs is likely quite a bit less than 2 gallons.

      1. I'd say you have a quarter of a peck of mussels in their shells.

        1. A peck of mussels/clams is apx. 7.5-10 lbs. (A bushel weighs 45-60 lbs. from what some sources say, 42-68 lbs. according to others.)