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Feb 11, 2014 08:49 PM

Casual Dining with 5 Guests - What to Make? [moved from San Diego]

I am having 5 neighbors over for a casual dinner. I am looking for suggestions on what to make. Grilling is probably a given. We eat everything. Tasty yet simple is desirable.

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  1. Jerk style chicken (grilled) with mashed sweet potatoes and a salad. Beverages of your choosing.

    1. Grilled steaks from Siesel's or grilled fish from Blue Water or Catalina Offshore, paired with brussel sprouts from Sprouts with a fresh lime garlic butter sauce, and fresh baguettes from K-Sandwiches. And a nice complimentary wine from SD Wine on Miramar. Pick up some desserts from Heaven Sent. (This is chocolate month, by the way.)

      Be sure to spread a little butter on top of the finished steaks or fish, and if fish, a little half-sharp Hungarian paprika from Penzey's.