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Feb 11, 2014 08:45 PM

Best Ramen

Hello again.

This weekend a good friend of mine is coming to visit from Seattle. He is an absolute ramen fiend. I do not have much knowledge of ramen places in the city so I need your help. I am looking for the the top 2 or 3 places in the lower mainland. Price and location are no object. The only thing that matter is the best tasting.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. My vote would be for Santouka, Motomachi Shokudo and Marutama. I'm a big tsuke-men fan, and the first two are solid if they are offering that dish now (it's not always on winter menus and I've been too busy to go down to the west end). I haven't been to Marutama, but my Japanese cook friends are rather enamored with their style of ramen. I'm sure others have ideas. The bonus is that all 3 are within a few blocks of each other.

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      Plus one on peter.v's implied ramen crawl! I'm a terminal fan of Santouka's toroniku so that would be my vote if only one place can be targeted. Just be sure to go early to a) avoid lineup and b) ensure there is toroniku left.

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        Those would be my top 3 to try as well.

        And yes, Santouka still has tsukemen. Pic from last week:

      2. For me, I flip flop between Santouka and Marutama depending on how I feel.

        Marutama is unique b/c it uses a chicken stock and a much thinner noodle to match the more subtle and delicate stock. Also the special seaweed, somewhat overlooked, really helps accentuate the flavour of the chicken stock. It's much lighter Ramen and my go to when I feel under the weather.

        Santouka is my go to for their bold and balance pork stock, and of course the tender melt in your mouth Toroniku.

        My 3rd choice is Jinya specifically for their Black Tonkotsu Ramen. The black garlic oil makes this particular ramen fragrant and complex. For me, their pork broth has a stonger umami flavour and is a bit thicker than Santouka.

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          I've only had the black ramen from Jinya once. I liked it but found it got a bit one note for me by the bottom of the bowl. Which didn't stop me finishing it, y'unnerstand :-).