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Feb 11, 2014 08:29 PM

Lamb on the menu-who's got it?

Hi folks,

Looking for a place that has a lamb dish on the menu for a birthday person who really wants some. Another member of the smallish party is ovo-lacto vegetarian but no other requirements. Thinking along the vein of Sycamore, Puritan, A&H, Spoke, West Bridge, Rendezvous, Ribelle, Giulia, Coppa, Bergamot, Oleana. That kind of vibe. I could of course google all their menus but if anyone has had a recent lamb success and guesses the dish may be on the menu till say the end of March I would greatly appreciate your input. Cheers.

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  1. There are several lamb dishes on the Oleana menu but I have no idea how long they will be there. Search for Oleana...there was a recent trip report about a much-loved lamb dish there.

    1. The braised lamb neck at West Bridge is delish. It's one of the larger dishes, meant to share. http://www.westbridgerestaurant.com/a...

      1. Wayside Inn on their Complete Sunday Dinner menu has roast leg of lamb. They used to have the rack of lamb chops but I do not see that anymore.

        1. Rendezvous has those wonderful "Slow-roasted lamb spare ribs with Berber spices and harissa" on the appetizer menu. I know that they change their menu frequently, but isn't that a staple item?

          1. The grilled lamb sirloin at Alden & Harlow is one of many really fine dishes there.


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              alden and harlow:
              Grilled Lamb Sirloin*
              Cocoa Nibs, Grilled Carrot & Coriander Mash, Ramp Green – 16

              ALSO, ribelle has Lamb Tartare on dinner menu