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Feb 11, 2014 06:01 PM

Pre-theater dinner in Toluca Lake

Going to the Falcon Theater (Riverside Dr. near Pass Ave) this Saturday night. Any ideas for one-stop dining and theater? Don't want to go to the Smokehouse, or Bob's. A bar would be nice. And don't want to break the bank. Thoughts?

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  1. Bistro Provence is probably the best restaurant in the area, with beer/wine only. In the Vons center north of the 134 freeway.
    Prosecco is pretty good as well if you prefer Italian, and can be one-stop parking.

    1. Sweetsalt does dinner service now.

      1. yes. Both Seeetsalt or Bistro Provencd will do nicely or maybe Novo Cafe.

        1. Anyplace with a bar? A martini would be a good pre-theater drink.

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          1. re: Golem

            Olive & thyme for wine/cheese

            Lucy's 51 has a bar I think. It also doesn't seem like the martini kind of place.

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              And I'm preety sure novo does not have martinis.

          2. for martinis. In that case, you have to do the Smokehouse. Follow it with some of that cheesy garlic bread.

            But for martinis you should really go to Musso and Franks.

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              We may try Smokehouse. Last time we did it, it wasn't fun, but that was many moons ago. Might try it again.