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Feb 11, 2014 04:53 PM

Riedel Vivant or Riedel Ouverture

I'm trying to decide between buying Riedel Vivant glasses (exclusively at Target) or the Ouverture glasses? Both are their entry level lines, but from Google images the Ouverture glasses look a bit more stubby. They're typically similar priced ($10/glass) but Williams Sonoma has an amazing sale - - with 12 ouverture glasses for $80. Trying to decide between getting this or sticking with the Vivant glasses which I have bought in the past. Thanks!

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  1. This is such a palate-driven question.... and there's no doubt that glassware size and shape has a significant effect on wine flavor... suggestion would be to get similarly-shaped glasses from an inexpensive line. Then pour your target beverage into each, taste, and see which you think presents the flavor the best. Then buy that shape in Riedel. Otherwise just spring for two of the riedels @$10 each and see which you like the best.

    1. My Reidels are Wine Series. A slight step up, but IMO worth the difference.

      They can often be found at the $10 price level.