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Feb 11, 2014 04:52 PM

Rare, Nostalgic,Retro Cantonese Dishes at FLC

A specially pre-arranged 'old fashioned' meal at FLC, prepared by Chef Lai, featuring some hard to find authentic, retro and iconic Cantonese dishes:

- 'Gold Coin Chicken' Sliders ( Lardo, Chicken Liver, BBQ PORK )
- Double boiled Mallard Duck Herbal Tonic Soup
- Ancient Preparation Salt Crust Baked Free Range Chicken
- Braised whole duck with Chinese Preserved Plums
- Braised whole 'Yellow Fin Grouper' tail
- Braised Fresh Whole Pomelo Skin with Shrimp Eggs
- Giant Lobster with Creamy Rum Sauce
- Wok Fried aromatic garlic lamb chops

To be able to savor such fine tasting nostalgic Cantonese food in Toronto is indeed a rare experience!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Charles: I'm having some difficulty matching the pictures with the descriptions. Is the salt crust baked chicken shown in 2 pictures - the white wrapping and then plate of chicken; and is the braised whole duck the dish of yellow looking veggies topped with green scallions and parsley?

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        Hi! T Long: The 'white' photo shown the chicken wrapped in parch-man paper and crusted in coarse sea salt. The photo next to it shown the chicken removed from paper and chopped up. The duck is the brownish dish with taro slices on the side. Yellow dish is the braised fish tail with Nappa cabbage on the side.

      2. Thanks for the review Charles. Given that this is pre-arranged, are all the items on the menu? How much are the individual dishes?

        In regards to nostalgic, some of the dishes were once popular but faded out by restaurants as some of these dishes takes quite a bite of work and the profit does not justify the work involved.

        Here's an interesting article on the Golden Coin Chicken:

        A dish like the braised Pomelo Skin would be something you would make at home by your Mom but rarely seen in restaurants because you can't charge too much for the dish as all it is are Pomelo scraps (skin), but it's a pain in the ass to make it taste good. So restaurants have ditched it off their menus.

        I think that's what Charles meant when he referred the dishes as nostalgic as it brought back memories of the past that are rarely seen, especially in Toronto.

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          exactly what I was thinking about the Pomelo skin dish! (that's the last photo posted).

          Very good link, thanks.

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            The Gold Coin Chicken was prepared for us as a favour by the chef.
            The Salt baked chicken is on the menu but require a day notice.
            The duck is on the menu in smaller portion.
            Pomelo skin is a seasonal 'New Year' dish and currently on the menu.
            Rest are all standard men items
            I'm not pay so no idea about the cost of individual dishes.
            Only know its $425 all inclusive of food, tax and gratuities for 10 people.

          2. whats FLC?
            fishman lobster clubhouse? (yu lok heen?)

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            1. The original comment has been removed