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Feb 11, 2014 04:14 PM

HELP please! Last min Valentines Day rec's for dinner...

Any location but preferably below 23rd street. American, Italian or Middle Eastern/Med preferred just not Asian. Any price. Somewhere with great food, nice ambience and special. we're in our late 30's if that means anything.
Nothing too formal.


Thanks in advance

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  1. per Opentable, Morimoto has an 8pm reservation available. I've never been but i'd take it immediately.

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    1. re: coasts

      Morimoto isn't really special. It's a good place to go for drinks. The food isn't really that good plus it is Asian.

      My recs ( without checking availability)
      Da Silvano
      Il Cantinori
      Marc Forgione
      American Cut
      Jungsik ( not sure if I would say it's Asian)
      Aqua Grill

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        i missed that OP said no asian, but what's the point of listing a bunch of great restaurants without checking availability? it's Feb. 11th and the request is for the 14th, one of the biggest dining out nights of the year.

        1. re: coasts

          >what's the point of listing a bunch of great restaurants without checking availability?

          Haven't local hounds done more than enough if they lead the horse to water, then let the horse check availability?

        2. re: foodwhisperer

          Gotham only has 11pm left and is doing a $160pp prix fixe.

          Costata has 5:45 or 10, and a $125pp prix fixe.

          Da Silvano has 6 or 9:30, $80pp prix fixe.

          Il Cantorini is full. So is Marc Forgione.

          American Cut has 6pm.

          Jungsik has 10:30 and a $200pp prix fixe.

          Wallse only has 5:30 available.

          Louro has 6:15 or 11pm.

      2. Thanks but I don't see the 8pm!?

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        1. re: BLover33

          yeah, looks like it's gone already. Cookshop at 8:15?

          1. re: coasts

            nah...don't love cookshop. think it went downhill but thank you so much for trying to help!

            1. re: BLover33

              Nothing on opentable that you like?

        2. Empire Diner

          Walk-ins accepted all night.

          1. I learned my lessons quickly not to go out on a Valentine's day....=)
            nothing like putting kids early to sleep and sharing a nice bottle of champagne, smearing good foie gras pate and French cheeses on baguettes from Mayson Kayser followeded by a box of dark chocolate from my favorite chocolate shop...all infront of a wood burning fireplace in my living room.

            1. Just throwing this into the mix. Eataly is taking Valentine's Day reservations for the restaurants that usually don't take them, in addition to the ones that do. And just to avoid any confusion, no I did not check availability as of 12:58 PM when I wrote this response. :)