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Feb 11, 2014 02:36 PM

One Gap to Fill

We're going to be in New Orleans in less than a month, staying five nights. We have dinner reservations (in order) for the following restaurants:

?? (Still open)

This is our third trip over a ten-year period. Cochon and Emerils' will be repeats for us, but the others will be new. We've already eaten at MILA, Commander's Palace, Bayona's, and Stella! (Lunches or breakfasts at Cafe du Monde, Napoleon House and Stanley's and others that aren't coming to mind.)

We tried to get a reservation for August but it is completely booked except for mid-week at 5:00 PM.

All of this background leads me back to my heading: What other restaurant should we add to our roster? As a divergent thought, should we make a complete meal out of individual dishes at several places? (If so, what do you recommend?) Should we take a formal night time food tour? (If so, does anyone have a recommendation?)


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  1. I'm not a fan of progressive's a PITA, you don't really get a feel for a place in one course, IMHO.

    Why not someplace new like Mariza:
    Or Root:

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Mariza's an excellent recommendation. A really nice contrast to the existing list. Although that would be my choice, the Green Goddess and Boucherie recommendations are pretty solid too.

      If I were to add to the list I might suggest Toup's Meatery: solid, a little out of the way, neighborhoody.

      1. re: montuori

        As appealing as Mariza's appears to be, we have a number of outstanding Italian restaurants in our home town. (Coincidentally, we'll also be making a weekend trip about two weeks before our visit to NO, and we have a reservation at a restaurant that features the food of Puglia, Italy.)

        Roots looks appealing and I haven't looked up Green Goddess or Boucherie yet, but I'm curious to learn why no one has recommended Iris, Chef Schnoebelen's first restaurant.

    2. Did you try August for lunch reservations, and maybe do something more casual that evening?

      1. How about Green Goddess or Boucherie??

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        1. re: Enfielder

          I'll throw in GW Fins. Perhaps the best seafood in town. Or the above suggestion of August for lunch and something more casual for dinner is a good one.

          1. re: Enfielder

            + 1 Boucherie, or Sylvain if you want to stay in the quarter.

            For a delightful Bywater experience, that is quite different from your roster, I would also suggest Maurepas Foods.