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Feb 11, 2014 12:41 PM

What are the most romantic restaurants in central and western Montgomery County?

I go to college at Ursinus which is in Collegeville PA and I always find it difficult to find a nice restaurant to take my girlfriend out to and the usual places around school are getting kind of old. If anyone has any suggestions of any new places or an old place that they had a good experience at I would appreciate it!

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  1. Majolica in Phoenixville is just down the road from you. Small BYOB, good food.

    1. Technically just over the line but inn at saint peters would be one suggestion. I also really like Joseph Ambler Inn and while the new 202 bypass has changed the landscape around the Inn, it still is a very initmate place.

      Old world charm of William Penn, especially in the winter or around the Chrstmas Holidays is worth considering, though the food is about 20 years out of date.

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        So are the customers.

        I would never take a date to William Penn unless their Mom was chaperoning.

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          Yeah, William Penn is old school. I like it as it is one of the few places that serves good calf's liver.

          1. re: Adenn1

            While it is old school, it is decorated nicely around the holidays, and the brunch with the live harp player is nice.

            Majolica is a nice suggestion. Its a bit cramped and I find the noise level there to be sometimes detrimental for conversation. But if you just want to stare into someone's eyes...

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              I've only been to Majolica once for the tasting menu. First 4 cources were brilliant (I actually remember saying "best food north of Blackfish"). Then the rest of the meal crashed and burned (including some free dishes they gave fact they gave us too much food and too slow so I just wanted to get out of there and it never seemed to end). It seemed like they got full and the kitchen got in the weeds and things went downhill. I should probably give them another chance... But one of my friends swears by it and those first 4 courses were really good.

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                I was very unimpressed with dinner at William Penn, but we loved their brunch.

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              The Inn at Saint Peters is quite lovely but I have heard little about the food lately and on our last visit, months ago, it was bad. The William Penn is charming and yes, old school. But if one had been in the last six months I believe the menu, while maintaining the standards, has offered some very interesting and well executed additions. There October Fest menu was quite nice, probably 200 years old in origin. I have found the x Commonwealth Club area to be quite pleasant and limited as to age by the nature barrier of the steep stairs. We have been to Majolica twice and both time we came away thinking "What was that"? Our opinion is it is one of the most overrated restaurants in the area.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                I have also been to Majolica twice and share your opinion Bacchus. The second visit was a few years after the first. I was really hoping to like it better the second time.

                1. re: JanR

                  Didn't they close and reopen after a few months? I'm not sure if anything changed after the reopening or not.

                  1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                    Yes they did. My first first vist was soon after they opened the first time. Second was after the reopening.

            3. There are several restaurants in Skippack village that will meet your criteria. Some are more spendy than others and some may not be affordable for a college student.

              Parc Bistro
              Brasserie 73
              Roadhouse Grill
              La Villa

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                Throw in Olce Pizza just outside of Skippack. It's a cute little BYOB that serves very good crispy thin crust pizzas with interesting toppings. A cut above your average pizza place and worthy of a date night.

                Bella 19 next door also has a decent tapas menu.

                1. re: RitterSportRules

                  I was at Parc Bistro many years ago. I really enjoyed it, but my palate was much less refined than it is now. How do you rate their food?

                2. Could you try the General Warren Inn in Malvern, PA ?Excellent and very nice.

                  1. I second Majolica.
                    I am not too swift with geography but I think maybe Maize is in that area. If it is, grab it!
                    Also, a bit farther out is Birchrunville Cafe which is superb.
                    All of these restaurants are BYOB's I think.