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cheapest butcher for natural meats?

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I am cooking for my dog now and looking for lots of meat, organ meat, whatever. But I want it to be natural, non-medicated. Thanks..costco's chicken breasts were frankenstein-like large.

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  1. Check with the folks over at Beefway, on Kingsway near Slocan St. They butcher their own carcasses, so can probably hook you up on trim and organ meats.

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      Beefway def. sells pet meat already.

    2. Windsor Meats had decent (not great) prices and they have special 'cuts' for dog food.

      1. If you don't mind a bit of a trek - Hopcott Meats (Pitt Meadows) has good pricing on natural meats (their freezer packs are an especially good value). The also make up a dog food mix that they sell frozen.


        1. Check with the butchers at Famous Foods on Kingsway, they sell lots of non-medicated meats of all sorts.